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Why did the union go to war with the south?


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Most people mistaking believe that the Union declared war on the South because of slavery. This was not true until the war was ending, and the Union thought that slavery was the South's inspiration to fight. The North declared war on the South to preserve the Union.


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The Union was the North. The South was the Confederacy.

Because they fought a defensive war so they did not have to go over to the Union to fight.

The South lost the Civil War. The Union was preserved.

No, the south did not really leave the union after the war. the south needed the support and assistance of the union so they could not have left.

Yes- the South was the Confederacy - the North, the Union

North: Union South: Confederacy

As in the civil war, The south had lots of plantations and because of that if they had to pay workers there profit would go down. But the Union was different because it had lots of factories.So the union did not need slaves. Then the south attacked Fort Sumter so then the north called decidid it was a war.

The Union is all of the Northern states. The Confederacy is the South.

US Civil War-Keep South from leaving the Union Vietnam War-Conquest of the South

the union wanted to divide the south and cut its resources off.

for the south, they needed supplies for food, military, etc. for the north, they just wanted to be a union again and if they have to go to war.... they will!! :)

On the south the Confederate soldier, on the north, the Union soldier. Thus the Confederacy vs the Union.

The south didn't win the Civil War. It was the North (The Union) who beat the South (The Confederacy)

The Union was the North - all the states that had not seceded.

Lincoln ordered Maryland to go to war (1861-1865) against the South, but instead Maryland seceded from the union and fought for the South.

The union won the civil war.

South Carolina seceded from the Union before the Civil War.

The union used a naval blockade to the south thinking this would split the confederacy.

The south wasn't allowed to leave.

the union are the south the confederate army are the north

The North won the civil war, which meant that the South had to rejoin the union and free their slaves.

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