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The Japanese defeat put them on the defensive, and they steadily lost ground from them on.

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What was the battle called in World War 2 when the Japanese lost for the first time on land?

Guadalcanal was their first WWII land defeat. Students of military history concentrate a little too much on the Guadalcanal land fighting; the naval battles around the Guadalcanal area were FAR MORE deadly, and there were over a half a dozen vicious sea battles off Guadalcanal. The land battle meant little; who ever controlled the sea's surrounding Guadalcanal would win "The Battle of Guadalcanal."

How did the US win the battle of guadalcanal?

The Americans simply outfought the Japanesse.

What was the outcome of battle of Guadalcanal?

The outcome of the Battle at Guadalcanal was the retreat of the Japanese. Although it was a tough battle for most Americans, we did win. Major King was the main person who debated the on attacking Guadalcanal. And with the help of the naval stations in Guam, the Americans were able to control most of the Pacific.

Did Canada win the Ypres battle during World War 1?

yes they did

What battle did America win to win the the Revolutionary war by winning what battle?

the battle of trenton

Did the british win the Revolutionary War battle in philadelphia?

yes they did win the battle

How did William win the battle of Normandy?

William of Normandy won the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The Battle of Normandy was an operation in the Second World War in 1944.

Who devised a battle plan to win the war for suffrage?

Carrie Chapman Catt devised a battle plan to win the war for suffrage.

Which battle helped the to win the war for the Allies?

the battle of the bulge

What is a decisive battle?

A battle which might determine who will win the war.

How can you win and lose at the same time?

You may win the battle but not win the war

What battle did the Union win during The Civil War?

The Battle of Gettysberg

What was the outcome of the first major battle of the war?

The north was fighting the south and the north win the battle of the war

Did the Americans win every Revolutionary War battle but lost the war?


Did the ANZAC's win the World war 1?

No they did not win the war

Did America win in the battle of Trenton?

America has never lost a battle or war.

Did Burnside win a battle in the civil war?

The battle of Knoxville on Nov.29,1863

Did the battle at Trenton win the war for the Americans?


Did the north win every battle in the civil war?

No, they won every war ever sense the Gettysburg battle.

Was the Battle of Gettysburg the decisive battle in the Civil War?

In some ways. It proved that the South could not win when it came to fight on northern land. If the South couldn't win in the North then they could not win the war.

What was the first victory over japan in World War 2?

Guadalcanal. However, it was a six month long battle...with many US losses, then finally a US win. Contrary to popular belief; Guadalcanal wasn't simply a land was a series of NAVAL battles, in which the US Navy suffered about the same, if not more losses than the Japanese Navy did. Had the USN lost the naval battle, the US Marines on the island would have starved and ran out of ammunition, ultimately losing the ground war on Guadalcanal. As it was, the Japanese ARMY starved and ran of ammunition...and ultimately lost the ground war. However, instead of being wiped out or surrendering (which wasn't going to happen)...they evacuated the island(s), and were transported to other garrisons to continue the war. They were transported by high speed warships (destroyers) under cover of darkness.

What battle convinced the French that the Americans could win the war?

The battle of Saratoga

What battle resulted from Hitler's last gamble to win the war in the west?

Battle of the Bulge

What does the battle of Gettysburg have to do with Civil War?

The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the major battles in the US Civil War. It was a very important win for the North, it was a way that helped the North win the war. I hope this helped.

Why was the battle of Gettysburg important to the union in the civil war?

It was a very important win for the North, it was a way that helped the North win the war. the battle also hurt the confederates morale.