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Why did the white support the policies of apartheid?


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Many white people in South Africa did NOT support apartheid. This was a very nasty political decision made by the Nationalist Party while in government.

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Nelson Mandela wanted apartheid to end.

Their concerns had always been apartheid.

The Afrikaners were the people who had moved to Africa. they were the white people who had started the Apartheid.

His work to end apartheid policies in South Africa

Apartheid is the name for a collection of laws and policies enacted by the South African government, that stipulated a legal distinction between whites ("Europeans") and non-whites ("Black" or "Non-European"). This was due to a largely held white supremacist stance within the then ruling government, the National Party (Nasionale Party in Afrikaans). The most notable supporter of Apartheid was H. F. Verwoerd, also known as the Architect of Apartheid, who instituted the Bantu Education Act, knowing that poorly educated black people would pose a diminished threat to the white supremacist rule.

According to a survey from October 1995 thru October 2002, one of the effects of apartheid changed the earning and spending power in South Africa. African-households were the poorest, while white households were more affluent monetarily.

the main reason of apartheid is discrimination against white & black which opposed by mr. nalson mandela.

It did not make sense economically. Apartheid was about hatred and bigotry.

the white people who abused the blacks

South Africans had to cope with apartheid because it became a policy of the government they elected. it was not obvious in the beginning how repressive it would eventually become.

This guy thought that all non-white people were the slaves of white and he looked down on them. So he gathered a group of people like him and started apartheid.

South Africa's National Party was a political group that consisted mostly of Afrikaners descendants of Dutch white South Africans also known as Boers.

The apartheid policies ended with immediate effect in 1990. In 1994, the first democratic elections took place in South Africa and Nelson Mandela was elected president of the republic.

In America between the black and white people

To get rid of apartheid and disprove white supremecy

Because black people where not sposted to be with the white people.

a white man who ended apartheid!!

The period of White Rule in South Africa was called apartheid.

Nelson Mandela lived in South Africa when apartheid was the order of the day. He spent much of his adult life in jail fighting it using terrorism. Eventually, he and his party were successful, and the apartheid policies of the ruling white South Africans was abolished. Mandela went on to become his country's first black Prime Minister.

Apartheid was a social policy or racial segregation involving political, economic and legal discrimination against non-white people in South Africa

Black homelands, white homelands and Bantu homeland were the three homelands in South Africa during the apartheid.

Non-whites were not allowed to own expensive or luxury items during Apartheid. They also were not allowed to use the same restrooms, restaurants, or even beaches as their white counterparts.

Apartheid was a law that applied to both black and white people, it was designed to separate the races and both white and black people could be prosecuted for breaking it. During white minority rule, under apartheid, the thing that was denied the black majority was one man/woman vote democracy (the ability to make the laws that govern you).

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