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Why did the wrist watch stopped ticking?


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The wrist watch stopped ticking because the battery ran out.


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Answer42pLease answerwhat was the cause of the death of 32 civilians within 10 mile block radius in the film? why did the wrist watch stopped ticking?

Bulova invented the Accutron tuning fork watch movement. Noo winding, no ticking and unsurpassed accuracy, untill the Japanese invented the quartz movement.

Ironically, time can slow a wrist watch.

A battery-operated wrist watch is a closed system. A wind-up wrist watch is an open system.

A wrist watch is non-perishable. Any deterioration or accident to the watch can be repaired.

Titan wrist watch made by advanced technology and making for todays circumantance so Titan wrist watch is the best brand.

Q: What is worn on your wrist?A: A watch

Kennedy key is used in case of wrist watch.

Wrist watch is an open compound word.

You will go in your nearest wrist watch authorized dealer and tell them to extend your wrist watch warranty period. They easily do it but they take some money for this.

The left wrist is the watch wrist for both men and women.

mcgregor hunt club wrist watch value

There is no right or wrong wrist to wear a watch on. If you're right-handed, it's best to wear a watch on your left wrist and vice versa, but it's entirely your preference.

Provided the watch is not touching the sides of the bottle, no.

No that is not the correct language. It would be better to say: How did your wrist watch get broken.

An EMP is as it sounds, a pulse of electromagnetic energy, this induces a very high current (thousands of volts) in parts of the watch, and since many electrical items, such as microchips, are very sensitive to high voltages, it causes them to break.

the wrist watch is used to keep time in a more convenient way than having to pull out a pocket watch and look at it.

"Wrist watch" in English is orologio da polso in Italian.

(wrist) watch - Uhr verb watch - zuschauen

A watch is a smaller timepiece that is worn on the wrist.

OKay I found out, it is left wrist

They should wear it on their left wrist.

You must watch for traffic when you cross the street.A wrist watch is used to tell time.I didn't watch for traffic because I looked down at my wrist watch.

If you're right-handed, and write by hand, then having a watch on that wrist is quite awkward.

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