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Why did they call Moxie soda 'Moxie'?

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November 06, 2012 6:17PM

The place Moxie Falls was so named by natives due to the strange tasting black water found there. The word Moxie therefore became associated with guts/ digestion due to the acquired taste of the water, which later inspired the creator of Moxie Soda.


The origin of the word Moxie is unclear, but it is one theory that holds that it was a Native American word that meant either "wintergreen" (an ingredient) or "black water". However, verification cannot be confirmed. The drink was named by its creator. Since that time, the word has come to mean "energy" or "guts", but that is only after the drink became part of the American culture.


"Moxie" is an old-fashioned word to describe someone with energy or get-up-and-go spirit.


The oldest, continually manufactured beverage available on the market today. As Teddy Roosevelt and Frank Anicetti said, "Wicked good stuff," for those strenuous who are at all Particular! Frank Archer, "Father of Moxie", took that famous "Nerve Food", carbonated it and sold it cold. Its delightful 'never sticky and syrupy' formula, an extract of the gentian flower, gave that unique bitter taste to rival that sickly sweet product formerly containing cocaine...and actually outsold C*ke.

If you are lucky enough to obtain Moxie in the northern New England or Central Pennsylvania areas (or the Triangle Liquor store in Vauxhall Rd, Union, NJ), you are in luck. For the Moxie-challenged, do a Google search on the website of the New England Moxie Congress for a full listing of where history, availability and memorabilia on the selected few lovers of this rare treat meet.


PS Hope to see you at the annual MoxieFest in Lisbon Falls, Maine.


actually, according to the Jamaica Plain Historical Society Moxie was named after Moxie falls in Maine.


According to Modern Marvels when they were covering soda, the creator named it after Moxie falls. However, because of the odd bitter taste of the soda anyone who could finish more than one "Moxie" was said to have a lot of Moxie. Kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy huh?


As others have said, it is believed that Moxie's inventor, Dr. Augustine Thompson, named it after Moxie Falls in his native state of Maine. Moxie Falls and several other landmarks could be derived from a native word for wintergreen or black as others have supposed. However, Moxie is also the English rendition of Moskus. Moskus was a Maine Native American from the early 1700's. According to some sources, he was the son of Bomazeen, the chief of the Norridgewock tribe. He survived the massacre of his people's village because he was visiting/living with Madockowando of the Penobscot Nation at the time and would be adopted by Madockowando. It is said he became a much feared warrior. Moskus has sometimes been translated to "Chosen One".

It would not surprise me if Dr. Thompson was aware of who Moskus was and chose to name his creation after this Native American Warrior as many products of that time period (late 1800's) were being associated with Native Americans.