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Utah is named after the Ute Native American tribe which is native to the area. The Mormon pioneers originally wanted to name the state "Deseret" (which means honeybee), but government officials decided on "Utah" instead. Utah is said to mean "the top of the mountain" in the Ute language.


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Utah State Government says it is Utahn

It's a Ute Indian word meaning People of the Mountains

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Salt Lake City, Utah. The church actually wanted to call the state "Deseret" instead of Utah.

Utah is called the Beehive State because a beehive is a symbol of industry and hard work. The Utah State Motto is "Industry", so the nickname, symbol, and motto coincide.

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The Mormons had intended on settling an area much larger than modern-day Utah and naming it Deseret. However, the federal government didn't want the Mormons having such a large territory, so they cut it down and renamed it Utah.

Utah Lake is a freshwater lake in Utah County, Utah.

Because State Utah started as a land grant school and was originally called Utah State Agriculture College and was called USAC. They still maintain a Dairy and beef operation and raise a substantial amount of hay and Corn

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there is no country in Utah. Utah is a state

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It is about 100 miles from Payson, Utah to Duchesne, Utah.

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Brigham Young proposed a state called "Deseret", which included all of Utah and parts of Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona. He often refered to the area as Deseret or Zion.

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Layton, Utah is located in Davis County, Utah.

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