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The origin of the name Titanic came from the 'Titans,' who are powerful giants from Greek-Roman legends. The word 'Titanic' means,

  1. Having great stature or enormous strength; huge or colossal
  2. Of enormous scope, power, or influence.

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What did they call the Titanic?

The Ship of Dreams.

What ship responded to the SOS call from titanic?

The first ship on the scene was Carpathia

Why did they call the ship Titanic?

Every ship has a name. That ship was christened the Titanic because it was designed to be the greatest ship ever built. "Titan" refers to a race of deities in ancient Greek mythology.

Why did they call the ship that sank in Jan 2012 the second Titanic?

The called the Costa Concordia, the ship that sank in late January, the second Titanic because it was the most devastating shipwreck since the Titanic.

Why did they call it the titanic they unsinkable ship?

it was a double hull ship and is more resistant to sinking, but as they found out is not unsinkable.

Why did they call the Titanic the unskinable ship?

they called the titanic the unsinkable ship because they had put many features on the ship to prevent it from sinking but obviously it didn't work xD

Why is the ship called Titanic?

It was a ship of Titanic proportions

Is Titanic fake?

The ship in the movie is not Titanic, but of course Titanic was a real ship.

Why was Titanic named the wonder ship Titanic?

It wasn't called the wonder ship titanic it is called the ship of dreams

Who decided to call the ship titanic?

me cus i smert ad i tree ya

Is titanic was the biggest ship?

Titanic was the largest ship in 1912.

What was the Titanic known as the ship of?

the titanic was thought to be the ship of dreams

Is the Titanic a he or a she?

... Titanic is not a he or a she it is a ship.

What is the official name of the titanic ship?

The official name of Titanic is RMS Titanic. (Royal Mail Ship)

Is the Titanic a boat or ship?

Titanic was a ship. By definition, you can launch a boat from a ship but you can't launch a ship from a boat.

Is the smallest ship the Titanic?

Titanic was the largest ship of its kind when it was built

What was the color of the Titanic ship?

The colour of the Titanic ship is Black and white

What was the name of the ship closer to the Titanic?

The ship closer to the titanic was the Californian

What is the ship Titanic?

The titanic is a ship that sank in the early 1900`s!

What are opinions on the Titanic?

Titanic was a beautiful ship. Titanic was the grandest ship in the world. In my opinion, i agree with those.

After the Titanic sank who saved them?

a ship called the carpathia it rescued 706 survivors. the carpathia was 58 miles from the titanic when it sent the destress call

What is ship to ship call?

Today, ship-to-ship communication could be through internet or simply the telephone (or skype or other means) but in the time of Titanic, messages were sent either by wireless telegraph, or if in sight by Morse lamp, or even by rockets (eight of which were launched from Titanic).

Was the Titanic a real ship?

Yes, the Titanic was a real ship, and yes it sank.

Was the titanic the biggest ship in britain?

Titanic, in her time, was the largest ship in the world.

What ship came to the rescue of the titanic survivors?

carpathia the sister ship to the titanic

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