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originating from a misspelling of the word "googol", the number one followed by one hundred zeros, which was picked to signify that the search engine wants to provide large quantities of information for people

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Q: Why did they choose the name google?
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Is askcom better than Google?

no, because 'ask' the name kind of doesn't fit in and google has more websites to choose from and ask is powered by google

Why did Google choose the name Google?

Google got its name from what it means. Google often means 'infinite' to many people. You see, when you search up something on google, you get infinite results. So google chrome means infinity colors, because in either greek or latin (i''m not sure which language, sorry!) it means 'color'. So, google means infinity! :)

How do you add photo in Google image?

First, go to images then choose a search a name then choose a photo right click and save image as then copy it to

What is the name of Google's web browser?

The name of Google web browser is Google Chome.

What was the origanal name of Google?

Google name was always just"google"

How can you change the language from russian to english in Google Docs?

From within your document, from Tools, choose Translate. Name the translated file and choose the language into which you want your document translated. Click OK.

What was Google's name before Google?


How do you choose a graphics card?

type in nvidia on google

How do you decorate your Google home page?

You can change the google theme. Just search google theme and choose the one you like and you will have a new background for your google and google chrome

How do you upload something from Google Docs?

Your terminology, upload from, can be interpreted several ways: upload to, or download from.You can open some documents in Google Docs from your desktop (upload to):From within a Google Docs document, from File, choose Open..., choose the file you want to open and click Okay.You can download documents from Google docs (download from):From within a Google Docs document, from File, choose Download as... and choose the file format you want.

How does one install the Google calendars feature on their browser?

Click the settings icon and choose Offline. Choose to install the Google Calendar from the Google Chrome Web Store. Once rerouted to another page choose to install. After installation a new tab will open and a Google Calendar icon will appear. Click the icon and see the Calendar.

How do you choose a domain name?

You can choose a domain name by contacting a domain name company that sells domain names. You can see if the domain name you want is available and purchase it if it is.

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