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To gather confederates is to bring others into your group or cause. In other words gathering others of like mind or opinion together under one cause. In this case the states that were seceeding from the Union were called the "Confederate" states. The Union being the "United States of America" the south chose the "Confederate States of America" to title in like kind.

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Q: Why did they choose to call the country the Confederate States of America?
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Who did the confederate states of America choose as their president?

Jefferson Davis

After Southern states seceded from the Union and formed the Confederate States of America whom did they choose to become president of the Confederacy?

Jefferson Davis

What name did the southern states choose for their new nation?

confederate state

Why did the Border States choose not to secede?

Although their state governments were pro-Confederate, the public was not enthusiastic about seceding.

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Why are Montgomery Alabama ritchmond Virginia chosen as the capatal of confederacy?

Because, when on Feb. 4, 1861, the Convention of the States who seceded from the Union was summoned to gather at Montgomery, only seven States had decided to carry out that step and Montgomery was located about in the middle, in the heart of them. After the secession of Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas and North Carolina, It was decided to choose Richmond as the Capital of the Confederate States of America, because Virginia was considered of being the ideological center of the South and the Homeland of George Washington.

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