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The original purpose of the magnetic compass was to help sailors to know which direction they should point their ships while they were sailing beyond the sight of land. On the open sea, you need some way of figuring out where you are and in which direction your destination lies, since the sea is relatively featureless and looks pretty much the same everywhere.

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What country did Galileo invent a compass?

In Italy but Galileo did not discover or invent the compass.

Who invent the compass?

the Chinese invented the magnetic compass

Did china invent the compass?


When did Galileo invent the compass?


When did the Chinese invent the compass?

about 1100 A.D.

What instrument did the Chinese invent for sailors?

the compass

Did Ptolemy invent the compass?

No the king of Neo Babylonia did

Did Christopher Columbus invent the compass?

Christopher Columbus did not invent the compass. The compass was invented in China for Feng Shui practitioners, to "align" the forces of the earth to help them maintain balance in their lives for later to become an important navigational tool.

Did John Wilson invent the compass?

He certainly did event the compass rose!! The compass rose is a very delecant object that has been passed from generation to generation.

What did Elmer Sperry invent?

Most notably, the gyro compass.

When did Galileo invent the military compass?

maybe somewhere around the time of the publication of "The Operations of the Geometrical and Military Compass" which was about 1606.

When did Prince Henry the Navigstor invent the caravel the compass and the astrolabe?

in the 1400s

What did the Chinese invent to safely guide their fishermen and explorers?

The Chinese invented the Compass.

What did William Burt invent?

The first typewriter constructed in America, and the solar compass.

What instrument did the ancient Chinese invent that helped sailors figure out where they were going?


When was the Chinese magnetic compass invented or made?

To invent something you have to make it. It was invented.

Who was the inventor of the compass?

As for the specific person, I'm not entirely sure. I do know though that the first group of people to invent the compass were the Ancient Chinese.

What did the Chinese invent that helped them on their explorations?

The Chinese invented the compass during the Han Dynasty. A compass is used to locate cardinal and intermediate directions.

Who is the fisrt to invent the first compass?

Apparently Chinese few thousand years ago. According to written records, the Chinese were the first to invent it.

How did Prince Henry the Navigator invent the caravel the compass and the astrolabe?

he invented the caravel only

Did Richard Nixon invent anything?

Richard Nixon invented the Chinese Compass and the Nixonmobile.

Did christopter clumbus event the cum-pus?

No, Christopher Columbus did not invent the compass.

What did the Xia dynasty achieve when they ruled china?

They were the first to:Use bronzeInvent a wheeled vehicleInvent the compassHave a calendarHave a real working toilet

Did Galileo Galilei invent the compasses?

No. The magnetic compass was in use centuries before Galileo's time.

What did the Chinese invent that the Americans use today?

# The art of making paper. # The art of printing. # Gunpowder. # The compass.