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the reason they tarred and featherd is because the colonists were angry about the intolerable acts



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How do you use tar and feather in a sentence?

The feather fell in the tar.

Did the Sons of Liberty use violence to protest British laws?

Yes they did. The sons of liberty would tar and feather tax collectors. Tar and feather is when they pour hot tar on you and then put feathers on you after.

What was J.J.Thompson's hypothesis?

that humans can fly if you tar and feather them

Why did the villagers not tar and feather injun joe?

nobody wanted to lead the event

Was tar and feather a practical joke?

No, it was a punishment for con men and other petty criminals.

Did the british or the colonists cover customs with tar and feathers?

colonists used the tar and feather for british messengers. They really didnt want them to have respect, so they covered them in tar and poured feathers. so, the colonists

Why did the Tories flee from the American patriots?

the patriots would tar and feather them like the tax collectors

Why do the Boston Red Sox helmets look like there is mud or tar on them?

The tar is pine tar, which the players touch before batting so as to get a better (stickier) grip on the bat

What are some Effects of tar and feathering?

Often used as an alternative to sun screen, tar and feathering soon became a fashion statement in 1635. The more feather a man held under

What does tar and feather mean?

it was a torture, sometimes an execution, that involves a victim to be naked, they then pour tar all over the victim, and the final thing is they throw feathers on the victim, and if he/she is to be executed, he will be taken off to be killed

Are the KKK good people?

NO! they are racists who back in the day would kill, tar and feather and do other horrible things to black people.

Why did the son's of liberty tar and feather the tax collecter?

This was done to "encourage" the tax collectors to leave the area and forget the need to collect taxes.

Why were people being tarred and feathered during American Revolution?

Patriots would tar and feather their neighbours if they suported the British during the war.

For what reason did the KKK tar and feather people?

from what I know, too tar and feather someone was a punishment that dates back sometime in the middle ages. and through out history it was used as an act of protest of government officials and some individuals whom where thought to be an enemy of the people.? as for the KKK I can only speculate that., they adopted the practice from history, and in there ignorance they felt they where serving a higher purpose by the torture and murder of innocent people.

What did mr.granger threaten to do if Avery and lanier didnt stop shopping in Vicksburg?

If you are refering to roll of thunder hear my cry he threatened to burn the land and tar and feather avery

What part of speech is the word tar?

Tar is a noun (the tar) and a verb (to tar).

What is Tar tar in Mathematics?

In maths terms tar tar is another word for calculus

Who sang neck in neck?

It was the neck tar tar tar

What are tar mummies?

tar mummies are mummies that were preserved in tar

When was tar invented?

It wasn't. Two types of tar exist naturally: Petroleum tar and Pine tar.

How did the Amrican colonist show their anger about the Stamp Act?

some colonists would tar and feather agents, some would start riots, and there was plenty of other thing but these are the two main ones.

What is Spanish for 'feather'?

"Feather" in Spanish is "pluma."

How long does it take for a tar and feather victim to die?

It takes appproxamently 3 hours and 18 days depending upon previous health and diet.... PS ( this is COMPLETELY bogus), but it was fun, try it sometime :)

Did the colonist really feather and tar the tax collectors?

Yes they did they did because the Stamp act meant they had to pay taxes or paper so they didnt give money instead they feathered and fared the tax collectors

How did the Great Britain enforce the payment taxes?

Great Britain enforced the payment of taxes by sending the people who don't pay to jail. However, if the colonists did pay, the Sons of Liberty would tar and feather them.