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Why did we create laws?

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to make sure people who do crazy things will understand not to and why .... To avoid the chaos Aiamicutza

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Did the IRA create laws?


Why do states create and enforce laws?

States create and enforce laws to prevent unsafe, chaotic behavior such as anarchy.

What group of representatives that create laws?

Congress makes the laws.

The power of government to make or create laws is called?

The power of government to make or create laws is called legislative power.

Do you need to pay money to create a law?

Laws are created by members of the Legislature. You do not pay to create laws. That is actually illegal.

States should not be able to create their own immigration laws.?

States should not be able to create their own immigration laws.

Why do people lobby?

To either get laws changed or to create new laws.

How does a precedent create new laws?

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Why did sir Isaac Newton create the three laws of motion?

he didn't create the three laws of motion, he discovered them. no shiz Sherlock

Was Hammurabi the first to create laws?

he was the first to make written down laws

Should you obey laws that you did not create?

Yes, obey the laws and obey them well.

What is civilzation?

A civilization is a large group of people who create a community, create a government, create laws and rules.

What is the role of a legislature?

To create new laws.

How many laws did Hammurabi create?


What is the govonor's job?

create laws,and govern

Where did newton create his laws of motion?


Did Newton create calculus?

no he created the laws of force

What is the power to legislate?

Legislation is the power to create laws.

Main purpose of the legislative branch?

To create laws

What laws did Napoleon Bonaparte create?

The Napoleonic code.

What laws did Thomas Jefferson create?

he created cheese

What is the legislative power of congress?

create and pass laws

The main purpose of the legislative branch?

to create laws

What kinds of laws do courts create?

bad ones.

What laws did Babur create?

who ever typed the answer is wrong