Why did when America dropped atomic bombs on Japan?

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To end WW2
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Why did america drop atomic bombs on japan?

The US and Japan had been at war for several years, Japan having started it. Japan has refused to surrender. After two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, they surrendered.

Why did america drop the atomic bombs on japan?

The US dropped the atomic bombs on Japan to shock Japan's government into ending the war without an invasion. While an invasion would cost the lives of nearly one million US s

What type of atomic bombs did America drop on Japan?

Easy. Basically there were two types of nuclear bombs (Atomic bombs). One is fusion and the other is fission. Fusion bombs are Hydrogen bombs that were only invented and teste

Who dropped the atomic bomb on Japan?

US. If you want a more specific answer ask a more specific question, like "Who were the bombarders that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan?".

Should America have dropped the atomic bombs on japan?

There is no answer there is still debate about it. . I say yes , it saved at least an order of magnitude more lives than it cost and shortened the war by more than a year.

Why did the America drop the atom bomb to japan?

To prevent further attacks on America and to destroy weapon manufacturers and vehicles in Nagasaki. They also did it to test the capabilities of the Atomic Bomb that they had
In World War 2

Why did america dropped an atomic bomb on japan instead of germany?

The Trinity Test in July 1945 was a preliminary test before actual use of the first atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The war in Europe with the Germans ended on May 8, 1945,