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the men werent there at the time

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What did the suffragettes do in World War I?

during the first world war 1 the suffragettes and other women took over the mens jobs as the men was at war

What did British women do during World War 1?

When the men had left for war, British women took over many mens jobs. The women made all the artillery for the war.

Why did women do mens jobs in World War 1 and World War 2?

Because the men were all in the army fighting and women had to step in to do what the men were doing.

What volunteer work did women do during World War 2?

One thing they did was the 'womens land army'. This was a service where the women would take over all the mens jobs while they were away fighting at war.

What did women do during world war 1 and why could they not work?

They did work. They took over all the mens jobs as they had to go to war. many women would be trained up as nurses and help the injured soldiers at war

Why did womenvdo mens jobs during world war 1 and world war 2?

The majority of men were conscripted into the armed forces, and were away fighting. Therefore, women had to take over many traditional male jobs to keep the country able to 'carry on.'

What are some jobs women did during world war 2?

They took over the mens jobs. They dtarted to wprk in fa tories and make the weapons for the soldiers to use and there are many other things they did like fix planes etc.......

How did World War 1 affect the lives of women?

During the war women replaced mens jobs while they were fighting. they were also viewed as important at this time but when the war was over and the men returned, women had to go back to their old jobs like cooking and cleaning. women were also cheaper so people prefered to employ them during WW1Hope this helpsBecca----The women were given all of the work that the men used to do. This included mining and roles in factories. More and more of women had to go into mens work once conscription was introduced.....

How did woman contribute to World War 2?

Women did help but they didn't fight. they took the mens jobs while men were fighting.

How did women change World War 2?

At wolrd war 2 mens where gone to war. but fabrics still need people ti work. so the womens took the mens places and worked. they where doing the mens jobs while they where up to the war. the women did change the world because whit out them the economic aspect of the socity would be dead by now.

What is one major reason why the gap between mens wages and womens wages narrowed during World War 2?

During World War 2, many men who were normally working factory jobs were soldiers in the war, and factory jobs were necessary for the production of the weaponry and such needed for the war. Because of this, a campaign was led for women to take up those jobs, and so they were paid the wages those jobs were normally paid.

Who is Ruby the Riveter from World War 2?

i think you are referring to rosie the riveter she was a propoganda poster that encouraged women to take over mens jobs

How did women role change under Stalin in Russia?

The women did the mens jobs, because the men had all gone to fight in WWl. They had to take over and do the mens work in the factories and on the farms.

Did woman work in World War 2?

yes that had to do mens jobs aswell as womens jobs

How can women benefit from the entrance of men into jobs traditionally performed by women?

Referring to WWII? Well during the war, American men were drafted to become soldiers. Women took the mens jobs, although during the baby boom in the 1950's many women were forced to stay at home and nurture their young. A large majority of males, and male veterans replaced their jobs. Most women were not pleased because they enjoyed being in the industrial workforce.

How did World War 2 affect Australia?

Australia went to war against the Japanese and women took mens jobs helping end the Great Depression

What jobs did evacuees have on farms?

mostly the women did the mens jobs like making beer for the rich and looking after the animals,not very exciting jobs at all and defanitly mucky!

1663 North Carolina jobs?

many mens were slaves and traders and the women became teachers in the mid

Arguments against women in the military?

women had to do all the mens jobs and their own whilst worrying about the men of the family which made their life harder

How did the women's role change in the US after World War 2?

war changed alot of things for women. It also proved to men that women can do anything they can and better because the government announced to the whole of Britain that during world war 2 women did a much better job than men ever did in the work towards the war effort and the government gave all the women the mens jobs and the men had no employment by the doing work in their own country to prove them self and working on jobs.

How did the civil war effect the economy in the north?

because it gave jobs to other people. for example it gave jobs to women as nurses and as well to mens.

What was the importance of women in World War 2?

Very important because without them we wouldnt have won the war. The women took over all the mens jobs and made weapons for the soldiers to use fixed planes for them to fly and they took over all jobs that the men would do

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