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Why did your daffodils change from yellow to white over the years?

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July 26, 2007 12:18AM

Many flowers like tulips, daffodils and glads were once white and the breeders crossed them to give color. In time the bulbs become old and may revert back to white. Also there is a white daffodil so if you have stored the bulbs altogether they will all become white. Here's a good idea I came up with. I use to get so frustrated because I'd have to wait for my daffodils and tulips to stop blooming, wait for the leaves to die off before I could plant my summer flowers. I came up with the idea of getting a 10" pot and I would put 3 - 4 bulbs in each pot and then bury it where I wanted it. When the daffodils and tulips were finished I simply lifted the pot right of the ground and put them on the bench in the back of our yard to die off and I was able to get my summer planting done earlier.