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Scientists give the excuse that men's deep-rooted feelings for cheating go back to the days of cavemen. However, most women an non-cheating men would disagree!

Women don't sit around chewing hides these days the last time I looked and many of us can have monogamous relationships and so, men can too.

Some men are just immature, need stroking and told that they are men (which in most cases these types of men aren't) and they like to use women. They are usually in denial while having their fling with another woman and inside think you're crazy and it's "their right" to have this affair. NOT!

A high percentage of women deeply believe in their relationships as lasting forever, while men think differently and don't focus on the relationship so readily. This is why it's so important for couples to really communicate with each other, so the men can say what they have to say and the women have their voice in things and the two can come to a fair decision about their problems.

In ways, I feel sorry for men. Up until the 1960s the men were brought up to work hard, provide for their families, etc., etc. while the wives stayed home and cooked, cleaned had their children and raised the children basically on their own. To have a wife work back then was a sign the man was weak or lazy and the man was looked down upon. Women ran themselves ragged trying to please their men. Mothers back in those days (even to this day) are more apt to spoil the young men in the family than the girls.

This pattern of "normalcy" changed during the 2nd World War, when men went to fight and women had to take over men's jobs (and they did it well.) Once the men came back from war, the women were basically told by the government to "go home, cook, clean and raise your children." Women, of course, refused to return to docile lives stuck in the domicile. So, from then on, many women had the choice of not only raising families and working, but had the opportunity of getting a better education. This has actually bothered men for many decades and now they simply don't know what to do with so-called "independent women." The tides have turned and everything appears as if it has been turned upside down as far as the men are concerned. Even some women are confused because they are lead to believe they must be all things ... wife, mother and working gal. Smart women know we have choices.

So, your husband is getting away with it because now you know he's cheating on you and you are enabling him to act out with this rotten behavior. Kick his butt out of the house and move on! There is someone out there for you that will treat you in the manner in which you deserve.

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Q: Why did your husband make love to you while he was cheating?
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How can you make your husband stop cheating?

you can't ... you can talk to him about how it is hurting you, but the real choice is up to him... if he continues with cheating, let him go, he couldn't love you if he won't stop... also If you will NOT be able to forgive him it's over anyway.

What do you do if you caught husband has been cheating for 10 years and is planning to make that girlfriend his second wife?

Easy, see what you can get out of a divorce and leave him. He has been cheating and he is in love with someone else. Time to say bye bye!!!

How do you know if the man you are cheating on your husband with loves you?

Unfortunately, you will never be sure because you know cheating is wrong. Often either a female or male partner that knows that person is cheating on their spouse (even if that person is cheating on their spouse as well) will think 'if she/he cheats on her husband then she would cheat on me.' There are many men out there that take advantage of women who are lonely; feel unloved or unappreciated by their husbands. You need to mature and try and make your marriage work by seeking marriage counseling and if you do not love your husband enough to do this or at least try in your marriage you should have the courage to tell your husband you no longer love him and start divorce proceedings.

How can you get your husband to fall in love with you?

To make your husband love you means you have to love yourself first.

What does it mean if husband confesses to cheating?

If your husband admitted to you openly and without you trying to get the information he is cheating then he's being honest with you. He feels guilty, but what you have to find out is why does he feel like cheating and does he want to stay in a relationship with you. Any relationship an individual enters into be a friendship or love takes work; honesty, trust and loyalty, but humans can make mistakes. If your husband has never cheated before and been man enough to admit to his mistake he is worth another chance.

What will make a married couple's sex life improve after the wife finds out husband was cheating?

Nothing, but time. Time brings forgiveness, love and mostly regain trust.

If your husband doesn't make love to you although you request it over and over again does it mean he's cheating on me or that maybe he's no longer in love with me?

Not necessarily, but ask him try to learn what face he makes when he is lying or how he says something when he is lying etc.

How can you make your husband stop cheating with a works for him and fire her He refuses to see the light?

If your husband wants her then hewill keep her. Obviously he does. GET OUT NOW!!!!

Should you tell your cheating husband to wear a condom?

What you should do is tell your cheating husband to go "f"ind himself! Tell him to get out of your life. Why you would even want to make love to this creep is beyond me. He has no respect for you at all, and, he could be coming home with some sexually transmitted diseases. If he is so eager to sleep around, kick this waste of skin to the road and out of your life. He won't change!

What do you do with a husband who enjoys the company of his two female coworkers at his office place?


Marcy please help you suspect your husband is cheating you are having problems in your replationship right now he says due to your parents living with us but they will be going home next month you fou?

This doesn't make sense. If your husband is cheating on you, divorce him!

How do you keep a guy from cheating on you?

well if you find out that he is cheating you tell him MAYBE this is not going to workout and you still love him and make him beg

If a husband does not wear his briefs in the winter time is this a sign of cheating?

This doesn't seem like a clear sign of cheating. Did you ask your husband why he's not wearing his briefs (or has switched to boxers)? I would ask him in a non-attacking manner to see what he says before jumping to conclusions...are there other things that make you think he is cheating?

Can husband and wife make love naked but without intercourse while fasting?

Yes of course it is entirely up to you if it feels strange stop if not you no about the rest

Would husband cheat if he had perfect opportunity?

it basically depends on the mutual understanding betwen you two. And from my point of view, if you love your husband and you are loyal him and put up your 100% effort to make him happy by your love and care, he would never think about doing such things, but if not then cant say!!, because what i know is men actually needs care and love like a little baby, which after marriage a wife has to give and which a husband expects. try to do this if he would be cheating he would never do it again. May god bless you both.

How do you make your husband confess of his cheating?

Installing a spyware remotely to access secret communication information on another phone without detection will require the help of a cyber expert . i have information which will help you greatly as it has also helped a lot of close friends

Is it possible it could be true if you had a dream your husband was cheating with his ex?

If you have not been having problems with you husband and have no reason to believe he is cheating then a dream is just a dream and there is no clarity to that dream so do not make trouble where trouble may not be. Ifyou have suspected your husband is seeing his ex and cheating on you then the dream was because you have been stressed out about it and if this is the case then you should communicate with you husband (don't tell him about the dream) and ask him if he is seeing his ex. Although most people cheating will lie you can sometimes tell by their body language which is: face turning red; they will not look you straight in the eyes; they shift from foot to foot; they may go into another room or they may deny quite angrily that you are crazy and trying to make trouble. These are some forms of a man who is cheating and is lying about it.

How can I make my cheating husband jealous?

Having a cheating husband is already a problem to solve in your marriage.If you try to make him jealous, it will be the result of a second problem to solve.Making him jealous is not a way to get his attention on how you are hurt. He might not be afflicted by what you will try.Communication and Counselling (therapy) would be a good start.

Why does the husband tell the mistress bad things about the wife?

he is trying to make his self look good for cheating with mistress

Can I still make my cheating soon to be ex husband carry my health insurance?

Only if it is part of the divorce agreement.

How can you determine how long your husband had been cheating?

Answer is does it really matter how long he has been cheating? He has been cheating. You can ask him but it won't make it any better knowing all the details. You know the only detail that matters he betrayed you.

What to do if your husband love another girl?

Your husband leave the house. He may want to leave but make him mad.

Help your husband on drugs and cheated on you what should you do?

Often there is no excuse for cheating, but when a person is on drugs they often don't know what they are doing and of course, cheating can occur. The way to help not only your husband, but yourself is by talking to him and telling him if he does not go to a detox center to get off drugs that you will leave him. If he agrees then be there for him. If he refuses then intervention of his family and those that love him can sometimes work. If he refuses all help then you must make the painful decision to leave him.

Your husband is calling his female coworker while your at work then deleting her number is he cheating?

Another question must be asked. Why is he calling her? To discuss work or something else? Work, no. Something else,yes. It could mean cheating. But it could mean that he somehow knew that you feel uneasy about her. and didnt want you make you worry if you might see it.

How can you know if a Christian is cheating on her husband?

Just because a person is a Christian doesn't mean they will not make mistakes throughout their lives. It is up to the husband to either follow her when he thinks she is out cheating or, hire a detective to follow her and those are generally the only two ways of knowing for sure.