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Most people didn't really care...as long as they didn't have to go there.

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Why didn't south Vietnam want the Americans to help in the war?

they didn't want to have a foriegn country involved in their country

What were Vietnam War draft resistors?

people who resisted (didnt want to) get drafted.

Who was the Vietnam war between?

it was between north Vietnam and America. North Vietnam was a communist country and America didnt want communism spreading as they were capatlists.

Why did US enter Vietnam?

they entered Vietnam becasue that didnt want communism to spread throughout Asia. it was the domino effect.

Why did the US get involved in the conflict in Vietnam?

they got involved because we the US did not want communism to spread.

Why did the US not get involved with the Nazi concentration camps?

because they did not want do get involved in a war.eighther that or because they didnt think that involved them because it was in Europe

In World War 1 why the us get not involved?

They didnt want to start a war

Why did Americans stop buying British goods?

They didnt want to pay taxes on their tea and items. They didnt want to be ruled by the king. ~wiki answers official

What is the war in Afghanistan about?

Soviets wanted to rule Americans didnt want them to rule it

Why were many Americans against the Vietnam War?

Americans thought it was none of their business to interfere in a matter in Vietnam. They also didn't want to get involved because they had just fought World War II against Germany and Japan. Eventually when the war started Americans were against it because of the draft which forced men between certain ages to go to war.

What are the names of soldiers dead in Vietnam?

There are many soldiers that died in Vietnam, if you want a complete list for Americans go to the Vietnam memorial in Washington D.C.

Why did America get involved in World War 2?

Americans got invoved because we really don't want Hitler running the world and if you remember we where attacked by the Japanese so we really didnt have a choice

Who did the wright brothers married?

They actually didnt get married. Orville was very shy and Wilbur didnt want romace to get involved with importent things

What did The Europeans introduced to the Native Americans?

disease and sickness and other things they DIDNT want

Why did the US withdraw their troops from Vietnam?

The US was losing to North Vietnam as their troops were extremely skilled and in abundance. The deaths and casualties in the US army were exceeding greatly, and the Americans thought it was not worth stopping the communist aggression in the Far east as no one cared that much either. Also apparently, the people in south Vietnam didn't want to fight so the Americans didnt just want to fight from their side. basically, the main point is that NORTH VIETNAM TACTICS > US TACTICS and the deaths were just too much so they withdrew, leaving south Vietnam to be invaded by communists.

Why didn't America want communism to spread in Vietnam?

im not sure but they did want to rule Vietnam in a way, and they used the reason: America didnt want Communism to spread, in a way as blame to win the war and therefore rule it afterwards

Cause of the Vietnam War?

South Vietnam wanted to turn north Vietnam into a communist country so united state didnt want communism to spread so they sent soldiers to end communism

Why were Americans prepared to declare their independence from Britain?

They were bootleggers and bums that didnt want to pay their taxes.

How many votes were supported the Vietnam War?

No votes involved; did want the Commander in Chief ordered.

Why did Americans protest in the Vietnam war?

They didn't want their lives disrupted by being forced into the military.

Why did the americans want independence from England?

they wanted independence because they wanted to be free from the british. I think they also didnt want slaves

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