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Nova Scotia did join Confederation. In fact, Nova Scotia was one of the four original provinces of Confederation.

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Nova Scotia was one of the original four provinces to join Canada in 1867.

Why indeed? The majority of Nova Scotians did not want to join which was made very clear when they elected representatives wanting Nova Scotia to leave Confederation.

Nova Scotia was one of the original four provinces on the date of Confederation, July 1, 1867.

Nova Scotia did not 'join' Canada. Nova Scotia was one of the original four provinces of Confederation.

because nova scotia believed it was a trap and it was not a responsible government as it set out to be

Nova Scotia was one of Canada's original provinces, having joined in Confederation on July 1, 1867.

If nova scotia were to not join confederation then hitler would be revived and start commanding an army of dragons to set everything on fire and hire terrorists and bomb experts to blow up the world.

they joined confederation because they were promised a railroad from nova scotia through to canada west....they would get extra defense from the other province....since america just stopped free trade theyd be able to trade with the other colonies....nova scotia was totally for confederation

Nova scotia join Canada on 1897

the first four colonies to join confederation were Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Canada East and Canada West.

Well, originally, New Brunswick wanted to join with Nova Scotia and PEI in a Maritime Union, but when John A. McDonald and George Brown got themselves in invited to the meetings, they persuaded Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to join Confederation. PEI did NOT join at this time because they felt no need.

Nova Scotia didn't want to join Confederation because... 1. Nova Scotia was already a fine self governing colony; which was at the time trying to get the Queen to allow them to leave the Canadian Confederation and join with the United States. 2. They knew that with the small population that they wouldn't have enough power in Canada. (The only provinces that really pass bills in Canada are Quebec and Ontario).

The reason Nova Scotia joined Canadian Confederation (and didn't join the American Declaration of Independence in 1776) was because of the Citadel in the middle of the town (which was under British Rule)... If Nova Scotia joined the U.S. Declaration of Independence, it would've most likely ended British Rule in North America (I.E. we'd be part of the states). But, we were close...

They wanted a railroad, boats to be built and farms made. They were also scared of Fenian raids.

the trasportation was mainly wooden ships since there was no railways (that could happen when they join confed!!) :D

Why indeed. The American invasion feared did not occur, Canada eventually took Nova Scotia into a Free Trade agreement with the USA they did not want and their resources were no better protected in Confederation than out. So from a 19th century view they should join to avoid bad stuff happening but from a 21st century view it is not clear if they should remain.

The first four provinces to join as a confederation were Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario in 1867.

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.=======================Ontario and Québec did not "join" Confederation.Three provinces joined together in Confederation to create Canada. They were: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the pre-Confederation Province of Canada.Upon Confederation, the Province of Canada was severed into the Province of Québec and the Province of Ontario.See sections 3 and 6 of the British North America Act(now the Constitution Act).

The four provinces New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec were the first to join together to form Canada in 1867.

PEI didn't join the confederation because they didnt have enough money to create a railroad.

Many great Canadians wanted Confederation. For Canada West (Ontario) George Brown and John .A. Mcdonald led them to Confederation. For Canada East (Quebec) George Cartier led them. Nova Scotia was led by Charles Tupper. New Brunswick was led by Leonard Tilley. They were the 1st 4 provinces to join confederation. PEI and Newfoundland did not want to join. Newfoundland was the last to join in 1949.

The provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Québec and Ontario entered Confederation at the same moment in time on July 1, 1867. None has priority in time over any of the others.

The seventh province to join confederation was British Columbia. There are 13 provinces that joined confederation; Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Brittish Columbia, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut. I hope i helped you =D

New Brunswick, along with Canada West (Ontario), Canada East (Quebec), and Nova Scotia, joined altogether in the year 1867 to form the Dominion of Canada.