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Q: Why didn't Winnie foster believe in fairy tales?
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What is the Tooth Fairy's address?

The tooth fairy's address is 105 fairy land CH100 tooth lane. I believe in the tooth fairy, I got a letter back from her!!!

How many people dont believe in the tooth fairy?

ALOT of people don't believe in the tooth fairy. Like me. :)

What fairy tale is Prince Valiant from?

The character of Prince Valiant was not in any fairy tale but a syndicated comic strip created by Hal Foster in 1937 .

I have just finished the fairy quest on Virtual Family Kingdom but I can't find my wings?

a) i didnt' finish it yet. You only need to be wearing your Fairy Enchantment magic to use your Fairy Enchantment

Is Winnie the pooh a fairy tale?

No. It's just children's literature. It is not a tale of magical creatures and legendary deeds.

How can you become a winx club fairy?

Believe in yourself and you can find your inner fairy!

Do Jehovah witnesses believe in the tooth fairy?

No. Do you?

Is Pooh a fairy tale character?

Pooh is a character from the 'Winnie the Pooh' books by A.A. Milne, first published in 1926.

Is Tinkerbell really a fairy?

N0... But if you believe in fairies, then she is. :) She is a real fairy in pixie hollow

Is it possible to turn into a fairy?

Maybe if you believe. Try to connect with a real fairy first and get your answer from it.

Does the fairy ever die?

this is how a fairy dies when a fairy is next to you and you say "i don't believe in fairies they could just fall down dead

Where do you find fairy dust?

you cant it's fake Actually, it is real only if you believe and if you do then if you see a fairy fairy dust is close by.

Is Roo from Winnie the Pooh a fairy tale character?

Not technically. The Winnie the Pooh stories by A. A. Milne were written and published in the 1920's, making them Classic Children's Literature. They are generally considered too recent to be traditional "Fairy Tales", and the plots of the stories don't fall into any of the standard fairy tale types. (i.e. no royal characters, no epic quests, no romance, no horrible fates for people who don't listen to wise women...) Like most of the Winnie the Pooh characters, Roo is based on a stuffed toy, in this case a baby kangaroo, owned by A. A. Milne's son, Christopher Robin Milne.

Do the tooth fairy exist?

It pays to believe

Do Chinese children believe in the tooth fairy?


How many fairy tail subbed openings are there?

I believe there are 22.

What country do fairy tales come from?

the come from all over the world but stories about fairies mostly come from whales, scoottland, Ireland and sometimes even in Africa that were the name African fairy comes from since ppl didnt like africans the put their stories apart from the rest and over the years less stories about fairies came from there also this is something cool for you to know fairy tails where original about stories about fairies and every one didnt believe so over the ages ppl started adding on made up stories or stories that ppl dnt have proof ever really happen to the fairy tails so now it is hard for ppl to tell if fairies and mermaids ect are real

How many people do not believe in the tooth fairy?

Mostly everyone doesnt believe in the tooth fairy .Its somthing adults say to children when ther 8 and are loosing all of the teeth

Is ther a puppy tooth fairy?

If you believe in that sort of stuff, then yes of course. Do you believe in that?

How do you make a fairy come to you?

All you have to do is simply believe, believe with all your heart and soul.

How do you write to a fairy?

You cannot write to a fairy. Fairies and make-believe, like Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny.

Can you have an fairy godmother?

You can have a godfather or a godmother, so it could be possible to have a "fairy" godmother (if you believe in myths, folktales, or fantasies)

Are Fairies real and has someone seen them before?

Yes I have seen fairy's. Yes they are real. You just half to believe in them. Sometimes you can be born a fairy/human. It is when you look like a human but you can change to a fairly small size and even talk to other fairy's you also will have a given talent that is very rare. I do believe in fairy's I half even tyou just half to believe in them.I half talked to them. I know when there presents is near. In fact I have had symptoms that I am a human/fairy. It is cool!

How do you go to the fairy realm?

you want to go to the fairy realm? Well, i wish i could too. I really want to be like one of the winx. I believe that if u believe u are there, u will be there.

Where can you find fairy dust?

You have to find a fairy, and near were ever it is there will be some.This only happens if you believe in them.You can also try asking the tooth fairy again it only works if you believe.