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They didn't want to get involved in something considered not their affairs. It was the same with World War 2.

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Britain, France, Russia, Romania, Italy, America, Serbia

America, Britain, France, and Italy.

Italy entered WW2 on June 10, 1940 when Mussolini attacked Great Britain and France. I hope this helps :)

The United States entered the war in April 1917 on the side of France, Great Britain, & Italy to defeat Germany in November 1918.

June 10th, 1940, Italy declared war on Britain and France

The Allied powers (or known as the Entente powers): Britain, France, Russia, and later Italy

The Allied Forces: Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Italy and America.

the three allied powers were Italy, Germany, and Japan

Because the Romans did not stay in Britain for as long as they stayed in Spain, France or Italy.

Because the Romans did not stay in Britain for as long as they stayed in France, Spain or Italy.

Russia, France, Britain, Belgium, Japan, Serbia, Italy and, at the end of the war, America.

Britain, Russia, Japan, Belgium, Italy, Serbia and, later, America

Italy, France, China, and South America are all geographical locations.

italy Britain & France also

Austria, Hungary, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Russia, Poland, Belgium and eventually America

America+Britain+Soviet Union+France+Canada Against Germany+Italy+Japan

Italy fought with the axis powers during world war 2. And was against the allied powers, which consisted of Britain, France, and America.

During World War I, Italy was one of the Allied Forces along with Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Serbia, Belgium and, late in the war, America.

The major powers were The United States of America, Great Britain, France, Russia, Australia, and Canada.

The Allied Powers in World War 1 were Great Britain, Russia, France, Serbia, Belgium, Italy, and the United Sates of America. Though, the original five were Great Britain, Russia, France, Serbia, and Belgium, you might only need to know these five and the US. The opposing Central Powers were Germany, Austro-Hungary, Turkey and Bulgaria. Bulgaria and Italy entered the conflict in 1915 and the US in 1917.

There were many country's e.g Germany, Italy, France, Britain ,Russia and America. When Britain joined the war they also involved their controlled country's such as Africa, India and Australia

In WWI America, England, Italy, and France. In WWII America, England, and France.

America fought with the Allies (Britain, France, Poland, Soviet Union etc) against the Axis (Germany, Italy Japan)