Why didn't the Domino Theory work?

The fact is that the Domino Theory HAS worked fine and we are using it in our day to day accident prevention programmes. It is a grand theory which gives one the freedom to adopt a multi-pronged approach to accident prevention.For IMMEDIATE solutions, one needs to remedy the 'unsafe acts/unsafe' conditions. If there is greater determination, one tries to remedy the 'faults of persons' thro' safety education/training, or thro' psychological approaches, or by improving the work-environment. For best results, one needs to to go right up to the ancestry ( genetic/ congenital defects) and the social environment e.g. high road accidents are due to the fact that driving licences can be purchased ! and there is no thorough driving test or written test. This is a result of the social environment .Colour blindness can be remediedby retinal transplantation . Stem cell technology can help to remove several defecys. The Domino Theory is really a masterpiece and I adore it1 However, like any theory, it has a shortfall. It does not say anything about making the SYSTEM safe. I have done quite a bit of study on this theory and am satisfied with it Note that this answer is with respect to H.W.Heinrich's Domino Theory , and not Dwight Eisenhour's. -- S. Saran