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Both the KKK and Democrats hated Republicans because the latter defended the rights of African Americans and rejected white supremacy.

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Because Republicans supported the rights of Blacks.

no a gang that didnt like blacks

You people may be surprised. It was actually the Republicans who were against the KKK.

Some of the methods of the KKK were violence and threats against black people and white republicans.

The KKK was anti-Republican so presumably no Republicans were members of the hate group.

The first KKK targeted Black Americans, Republicans, carpetbaggers, scallawags, and defenders of Black rights.

Actual lynching by the KKK is very rare nowdays, but it was done often in the reconstruction era to intimidate Republicans into not voting.

The KKK of the 1920s targeted African Americans, Republicans, bootleggers, moonshiners, Jews, and Catholics

Blacks, Republicans, Jews, Catholics, immigrants, and opponents of National Prohibition.

The KKK doesnt pin point jus African Americans like alot of people think they do. The KKK was brought about to expedite peoples that didnt want to work and live off the government that didnt want to take care of their kids or families and that didnt believe in the christian faith. All they wanted to do was keep their families safe from people that caused harm around the places they lived. Yes there are some people that just hate people but that doesnt mean that they are members of the KKK. There are black people that don't like whites, Mexicans, asians and more, anybody can hate anybody.

Blacks, Republicans, Communists, Jews, Catholics, immigrants, and opponents of National Prohibition.

Yes, the KKK has killed people and intimidated many others in order to deny them their civil rights. Victims have included Black Americans, Republicans, Jews and others.

Blacks, along with with Republicans, Jews, Catholics, immigrants, and opponents of National Prohibition.

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The KKK killed many people in the U.S. More than this. These people didnt like certin other people and killed those people. I think that this is very mean and stupid. Please see related question below.

The KKK sometimes attacked African Americans, moonshiners, Republicans, bootleggers, Jews, and Catholics.

Blacks, Jews,Catholics, Republicans, moonshiners, and bootleggers were all targets of the KKK.

The kkk kill them because they don't like them.

yes, the KKK is a gang who commits crimes and does illegal things. So, yeah the KKK are like terrorists

they wore white robes, with hoods with holes for there eyes and mouth. some didnt care if people knew who they were, so they didnt hide themselves.

The aim of the first KKK was to increase white power and prevent Republicans from obtaining power.

Need more context to answer this question. It could be carpetbaggers, scalawags, the KKK, the Radical Republicans, freedmen...

because of the extreme violence. he didnt support the lynching of African Americans.

The KKK discriminated against Black people, Jews, Catholics, Republicans, carpetbaggers, scallawags, and many more groups/cultures/races. The Klan of the 1920s strongly supported Prohibition and attacked moonshiners and bootleggers.

along time ago whites felt like they owned the world so they wanted to decrease or eveneliminate the black/Jew anyone who wasn't white population. Actually the KKK wasnt started not because of discrimination but because of politics. The KKK were democrats who forced blacks to vote democrat because they were losing the black population to republicans. After they realized it wasnt working they switched to republican party. but i guess the KKK lived on as discrimination against africans. but it wasnt started as discrimination.