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not having proper information before the event took place

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Q: Why didn't anyone stop the Holocaust from happening?
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Why didn't anyone do anything about the Holocaust?

They were afraid to go and stop because they thought that they could get caught up in the the Holocaust that is why they did not stop the holocaust form happening.

How did people try to stop the Holocaust?

They were afraid so they didnt.

Why didn't anyone stop the holocaust?

because the price was too high.

Who where the main victims of the Holocaust?

the Jewish people, and hopefully the consionces of those who kenw what was going on and didnt stop it

Why didn't anyone try to stop the holocaust right away?

The reason no one tried to stop the holocaust right away was either because no one knew about or that the German population were indoctrinated into hating the Jews. The allies later found out about the holocaust around 1943.

Can a person stop puberty from occurring?

No. No one can stop puberty form happening. And why would anyone want to do so? Puberty is a very important process in life.

How do you stop a holocaust?

You can't.

What did countries do to try and stop the holocaust?

no one tried to stop the Holocaust, some countries refused to cooperate, but that was the extent.

What did Franklin D. Roosevelt do during the Holocaust?

FDR wrote a book informing people what was happening and what could be dont to stop it. He later acted and went to war with Germany.

Why was the US unable to stop the holocaust?

Had the US tried to stop the Holocaust it would have found itself unable to because the Holocaust occurred on a different continent in a country that the US was at war with.

How can the stories of Holocaust survivors and those who eventually freed them help to stop another Holocaust from happening?

The problem is whether the perpetrators are willing to recognize another holocaust as it is forming and occurring. For example, many people point out that the 50 million abortions (just in the U.S.) qualifies as another holocaust. But the perceived benefit (casual sex without responsibility) is so seductive and addictive that the perpetrators would not seriously consider its status as a holocaust.

How do you stop droughts from happening?

Unfortunately, you can't stop a drought from happening it is a natural disaster and like most natural disasters you can't stop them.

How can you prevent events like the Holocaust from happening again?

The Holocaust is the work of some very evil people. Genocides still happen around the world but only large officials or groups of people can stop it. The events that took place in the Holocaust may never happen again but honestly no one knows. The best way to prevent things like the Holocaust is to learn from the past and not do it again in the future.

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Why did normal Germans did nothing to stop the Holocaust?

A lot of the 'normal Germans' in Nazi Germany didn't know of the holocaust, as it was done mainly in a secretive way. Antisemitism was, of course, very common in Nazi Germany, so most of them wanted the Holocaust. People also had such nationalistic pride that they believed in the Führerprinzip, or the "the Führer's word is above all written law". If they wanted to stop it anyway, they most likely couldn't, as Heinrich Himmler's Schutzstaffel (SS) controlled the operation of the Holocaust. The Gestapo was given "unlimited police authority", meaning, that the Gestapo could simply arrest anyone they want, interrogate anyone they want, or even greater, kill anyone deemed a "threat to the State".

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You cant

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How did Anne Frank stop the Holocaust?

Anne Frank didn't stop the Holocaust. She just made a diary on the thing. The Allies stopped the Holocaust. Anne Frank was just a teenager during the Holocaust. She could not have stopped it. The above answer is correct. See link below for more information.

How was the Holocaust the fault of the US?

The Holocaust was not the fault of the US! It is sometimes said that the US and their Allies did not do much (or anything) to stop the Holocaust. See the related question.

What did the allies do to stop the holocaust?

went to war with Germany

What year did the US try and stop the Holocaust?


When did they stop denying the holocaust?

December 21 2012

Was there a way to stop the holocaust?

yes, it was by no means inevitable