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Why didn't women get the right to vote before the 1900's?

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You have to specify the country.

In the US

As with most Western cultures, the patriarchal power structure ensured that women were inferior and not entitled to the same rights as men.

Some of the arguments employed by anti-suffragists include:

  • Giving women the right to vote would allow unqualified people to vote
  • Most women do not want to vote
  • Women should not be involved in politics
  • Women are incapable of voting wisely
  • Voting would distract women from homemaking
  • Women did not fight in the military for their country

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yes men were considered dominant over women in the early 1900s. It wasn't until 1920 that women had any right to vote. Even then women still did not have equal rights as men did.

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A majority of the working women (60%) in the early 1900s worked as domestic servants. A minority of women were worked in business and industry.

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