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The vent control mechanism is powered by engine vacuum. Start the engine and let it idle while you open the hood and listen for the tell-tale hissing sound of an open vacuum line. Once you find the loose hose/tube, it's just a matter of finding the orifice to which it belongs and plugging it back there. If the hose/tube is damaged, repairs might first need to be done before they can be inserted back and stay attached.

There are also vacuum lines controlling the vents behind the glove box, here is a link to a site that will help you with that side of the troubleshooting.

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Q: Why do AC Vents stayed closed on 1998 Buick LeSabre?
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How can you fix your air vents to blow out air on a Buick LeSabre 1992?

Under the hood in front of the transmission dip stick is a vacuum line. If it is disconnected or split it will make the air vents not work. If that's not it check your fuses.

In a 1997 Buick LeSabre the ac blows out the defroster for the first 5 minutes then comes out the vents it could be a vacuum leak where do you look for it?

I just fixed a similar problem on my 95 LeSabre, got info from this website.

Cool air flows from drivers side vents and warm air flows from passengers side vents on a 1997 Buick Lesabre?

Make sure refrigerant is fully charged. Does it have dual climate control? Perhaps passenger side sensor is not working properly

Why does 2000 Buick Lesabre Custom Air Conditioner blow only through defrost vents?

The vacuum supply line from the engine is disconnected or broken. When the vacuum supply is cut off the system defaults to the defrost mode.

How do you get the air vent in the back seat to work the front seat works well in a 2005 Buick lesabre?

There is a conduit with a fastener at the end. When I obtained my 2005 Buick LeSabre my rear air vents seemed to blow less than I had expected. After further inspection, I discovered that the conduit was not attached to the vent stack. So I played with it until I got it to slide into the vent stack and it seems to work as I would have expected at present.

1984 buick air conditioner only blows out the defrost vents?

The 1984 Buick uses vacuum lines to change air flow from defroster to ac vents. Check the entire vacuum system for leaks.

How do you change a CD player in a buick lesabre custom?

To change the CD player you need to disassemble the dash. First remove the 4 vents. There will be screws there. Also remove the woodgrain trim, there's screws there too. remove them and then pull the black dash piece out.

Why is air coming through the AC vents instead of the defroster vents on a 1995 Buick Skylark?

There may be something blocking the deflectors from sending air up there.

Should cold air vents be closed when using central air conditioning?


How do i close vents in a 1984 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme?

side floor vents are manually closed, been along time but i think that's right.

Selector only stays on defrosted 92 buick?

If the heat selector will not switch from defrost to the dash or foot vents on a 1992 Buick, it is possible that the cable connected to the vent is broken. When the selector is moved from defrost, a cable opens the other selected vents on the heater.

If making beef jerky do I leave dehydrator vents open or closed?

Open, so the moisture can escape.

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