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Because of its long history as a French colony.

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Why do many Algerians speak French?

Because from 1830 to 1962, Algeria was a French colony.

Is Algeria an Arabic country?

Not it isn't. Almost 90% of Algerians are Berbers in origins, not Arab. Algerians speak many languages like Arabic (due to Arab conquest) and French (due to French colonialism) but their indigenous language is Berber.

Who resisted French rule in Africa?


Which African group fought against French colonization?

The Algerians

What are some religions that the algerians have?

why do algerians build and sell

What were the positives of the Algerian's gaining their Independence?

French and Algerians could stop dying in a long and bloody war.

What languages are spoken in Algeria?

Arabic is the sole official language of Algeria. French, the language introduced during the period of colonial rule (1830-1962) by France, is also used in business and education. A minority of Algerians speak a Berber language known as Kabyle.Officially and generally on the whole, Algerians speak Arabic, in particular Algerian Arabic.However, the Algerian government also recognizes Berber languages, whose speakers are known as Imazighen. Tamazight is also recognized. Also, from colonial rule, many Algerians speak French.The first language they speak is algerian and their second language is frenchArabic is the main language of algeriaThe majority of people living in Algeria speak French or Arabic. Algeria was a colony of France which is why they speak French and Algeria is also primarily Muslim, so that is why people there speak Arabic.they speak frenchFrench.Arabic ( Dardja)Algeria used to be a french colony.It would depend on who "they" are.Yes, but only as a second language. The main language is Arabic. Algeria is a former French colony (from 1830 to 1962) and French was the mandatory language in schools. It is still widely taught as Algeria still has strong ties with France (96% of the expatriated Algerians live in France).algerian dialect, arabic and french

How did Algerians gain independence from France?

a war between the Algerians and France started in 1954. it was a eight-year struggle, but in 1962, the Algerians won.

How do you teach bilingualism?

Bilingualism is to master two different languages. It cannot be taught. However, each language must be taught alone (not by mixing them). We can say for example, Algeria is a bilingual society because Algerians speak Arabic and French.

How do you say to speak in French?

Speak ( in English) - parler( In French )

How to say speak french?

Speak french

What languges do people speak in Paris?

french people speak french but they don't only have to speak french.

Why does camroonians speak french?

yes they do speak french.

Does Geneva speak French?

Yes, they speak French.

How do you pronounce speak in French?

To speak is "parler" in French.

How do you say in French We Speak French?

English: We speak french French: Nous parlons français

How do the French speak French?

how did you learn your own language? that's how they learn french, so how do you speak English? That's how frence speak french?

Why do French speak a different language?

French do not speak a different language: they all or nearly all speak French. The people who do not speak French, are the ones using a different language.

Do people in French Guiana speak French?

Yes in French Guiana they speak French and French Guiana Creole.

Which part of France do Algerians live in?

Algerians living in France (nearly 95% of the Algerians living out of Algeria) live everywhere in mainland France, but especially in and around the major towns. The town of Marseilles on the Mediterranean has the reputation of housing the highest proportion of Algerians in France.

Where in South America do they speak French?

They speak French in Guyana

Does monacc speak French?

people speak french in Monaco

Does she speak French?

No she doesn't speak french. You need lessons!

How do you say do you speak french in english?

Translation: Do you speak French?

How do you say speak in french?

Speak = Parle (in french)

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