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Why do Americans have a difficult time understanding extreme poverty in Africa?


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September 13, 2011 11:34PM

They have a hard time having an understanding of it. They're simply just too preoccupied into their own world to even notice the slightest problems currently going about in the world such as global warming and the wellbeings of others. America is ignorant, you can say. Some and most care, but not enough are putting in much effort to put an end to poverty.

Although I accept , understand & largely agree with the above it has to be said that we all, all of us, live in our own world and that is what is consious to us. We are all most concerned with our own backyard, not just the people of the USA. And, and I accept this is contentious, poverty is relative. Money does not buy happiness. Sure it makes you more comfortable being miserable, but my point is that human suffering exists in all our lives, and we all deal with it in our own, individual ways. Some people are in poverty in the US while others have megabucks: That's the capitalist way.The same applies on a global scale. No it isn't fair but who will vote for anything else ? Come the glorious day, brother..........