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Americans love sports. Baseball is called the national game but football, Ice Hockey, and Basketball are also very popular. Soccer is becoming more popular. Americans invented baseball and basketball. Basketball was created to have a game that could be played indoors. Americans love spectacles and television also made sports more popular.

2017-09-11 13:22:50
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When were African Americans able to play sports with whites?

african americans were able to play sports with caucasion people in the 1950s,.

What percentage of Americans play sports US sports?


How many Americans play outdoor sports?

Millions of people play outdoor sports.

Do malasians play the same sports Americans do?

No, actually they don't. They play some American sports but, they also play their own sports.

What sports did Americans play in the 1930s?


What sports do both Latin Americans and North Americans play?

Baseball and soccer.

What percentage of African Americans play sports?


What kinds of sports did the early Americans play?


What sports do Americans play?

the main sports Americans play are basketball, football,soccer, saadly hockey, baseball, snowboarding, skateboarding,skiing, bmx, and car racing.

How many adult Americans play sports?

10 out of 100

What are two similar sports Americans play?

Soccer and Football

When were African Americans allowed to play in sports with white people?

in 1947

How many American sport's are there?

There are eight main sports that the Americans play.

What sports does South Americans play?

In South America they Play a lot of soccer, volleyball and basketball

What kinds of games did the native Americans play?

The kind of games (or sports) the Native Americans played was baseball:)

What sports do they play in America?

Americans like to play ice hockey, American football, basket ball, rugby, wrestling and many more sports they like.

How many professional sports players are there in the US?

Their is a lot of Americans that play sports but their is a lot of non Americans too. I would say their is a little bit more non amricans.

What sports do people from Saskatchewan play?

they play many sports like broomball hockey basketball mostly the same sports as Americans but more ice sports like curling ice skating and other ice things in the winter olyimpiacs

What types of sports to Americans play?

Americans have a number of sports which they like. Some of them found which they mostly like are: a) Motor Sports b) Indianapolis 500 c) Nascar d) Tennis e) Outdoor Sports f) Baseball g) American Football

What sports and games did the Native Americans play?

Lacrosse is one of North America's oldest sports and it's a Native American sport ...

What sports do people in Trinidad play?

In Trinidad, sports such as cricket, football (only Americans call it soccer) and various British and American sports like rugby, football, etc. But mainly they play "football" and cricket.

How much do Americans spend each year on sports?

That depends on what type of sport they play. I play sports all year around. For baseball, it costs about 50 to 100 dollars.

What sports are in different country?

there are lots of sports in other countrys that the UK does not play as much as some other forien people take baseball the Americans play it but the UK doesn't as much

What percentage of Americans play sports?

73 percent yet many other sources say otherwise

How much do americans spend on professional sports?

19.2 hours Americans spend on pro. sports.