Why do Amish men wear suspenders and not belts?

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First off the Amish aren't the only ones that wear suspenders. Many businessmen, especially ones of the larger variety, much prefer suspenders or "braces" to wearing a belt. Notably for two reasons one: belts don't hold your pants up and are mostly for decoration whereas braces once they are set at the desired length will keep your pants right where you want them, and two: due to the aforementioned reason when wearing slacks with braces you can leave a little extra room around the waist which will make your pants much more comfortable. Just be sure that you don't wear both braces and belts at the same time, unless you want everyone to think you're from Texas.
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Does one wear suspenders and belts together?

No, one or the other since they do the same thing, generally youuse suspenders if your pantss do not have belt loops. However, someone could wear both as a personal preference. No, if you will wear suspenders only, and belts only. Visit Hold UpSuspenders Co. for more info about suspenders.

What colors do Amish wear?

The Amish usually wear only dark colors. Burgundy, brown, green, etc. The men wear white shirts for sunday, weddings, and visiting. the women wear light colored dresses, lavendar, etc, with white aprons for church, weddings, and visiting. The men and boys wear black pants on a normal day. There shir ( Full Answer )

Why do Amish men have beards?

Even they don't know.. Only married Amish men have beards, but no moustaches. Beards are considered a symbol of age and wisdom.

What do Amish people wear to their weddings and funerals?

Amish have limited set of clothes, so new clothes are good clothes, as good clothes get worn they become their work clothes. - So Amish do not have pair clothes, in general just for church services, weddings, and funerals. - What they use is their newest clothes, sparingly at first, for special occa ( Full Answer )

Where are Amish from?

The Amish people are Swiss and German. They typically speak aGerman dialect until they attend school, then they are taughtEnglish and German. Usually about the age of six. Answer2: The Amish are descendants of a group of 17th-centuryAnabaptists. Their name derives from their leader, Jacob Amman, who ( Full Answer )

Where are the Amish?

The Amish are significantly in the United States (notably Ohio,Pennsylvania, Indiana, and throughout the Midwest, especiallyMissouri), and Canada (notably Ontario).

Do Amish wear watches?

The Amish are not allowed to use watches. They are a functional item but threaten the values of community togetherness (this is usually a value that items are checked against when bishops discuss its allowance). Watches are a way for Amish individuals to check the time, and as such, support "rush" a ( Full Answer )

What do Amish people wear?

Amish men, women, and children wear home made clothing. Men wearlong pants and long-sleeved shirts, along with hats. Women weardresses and bonnets.

Can you wear suspenders and a cummerbund together?

Yes, you should wear braces (suspenders) anytime you are wearing a tuxedo, weather you're wearing a cummerbund, vest or going with the exposed waist look. You do not wear a belt with a tuxedo, and this is the only way to keep your trousers at your waistline.

Are Amish women treated differently than Amish men?

Unfortunately, yes. Amish women tend to do the same things women did in the ancient times. In other words, Amish women usually run the household, while the men take care of the farm.

What do men wear?

look around you. What ever they few comfortable in, and most of the time, what culture dictates. I for one, about 40% of the men do so, wear panties as more comfortable and women jeans since they fit better and nicer looking than a man wearing a potato sack, which are called pants. It is a culture i ( Full Answer )

Why do Amish women always wear dresses?

Amish women wear dresses because they do not believe it is modest to wear men's clothing. - This answer makes no sense, and I did not make it, I was first to answer the question and then it was erased. signed: eletias I will fix it when I have time, if some one does not first.

What kind of weapon did Elizabethan men wear in their sword belts?

Depends. The upper-class weapon of the day was the rapier but, thank to the writings of George Silver, many Englishmen still considered that a "continental" weapon and still carried a variety of sword. The sword belt for the rapier was more appropriately referred to as a "hanger". Additionally, a da ( Full Answer )

Which direction should men wear belts-start on the right or left?

I just wondered the same thing and found this article on the website DailyXY.com: It is always reassuring to find that there are even more obsessive geeks out there than me. I confess to never having thought about this issue. But the idea that there might be a wrong way to do up your belt makes me q ( Full Answer )

What do Amish women wear?

Amish women typically wear solid-color dresses with long sleeves and a full skirt, covered with a cape and an apron. They never cut their hair, and wear it in a braid or bun on the back of the head concealed with a small white cap or black bonnet. Clothing is fastened with straight pins or snaps, st ( Full Answer )

Do the Amish wear swim suits?

No, because they do not have any. They swim in their underwear, but their underwear is very baggy and non exposing. They also tend to only swim as one gender group, not mixing into coed swimming. They are also very private and do not like outside English to view them swimming, so their swimmin ( Full Answer )

Do Amish wear deoderant?

The answer in NO, but they take baths regularly, using most of time a soap they make. The Amish believe natural smells and natural looks, they do not believe in altering what God has made, nor trying to improve on natural world around you.

Can Amish women date men outside of the Amish belief?

There is no cut and dry answer to this question, both genders are compelled not to seek mates outside their faith, especially outsider English people in fear they will leave their Amish society. You can only date as Amish person another baptized member, to be baptized is to make a verbal contract ( Full Answer )

What is Amishism?

I seen that term used, referring wrongly, to the belief that Amish are successful at business matters. It is now a gimmick that con artists use to get your money, to say they will teach you Amish work practice, as a way of running your company to get ahead. Amish for one are suffering in this econom ( Full Answer )

Do Amish people wear underwear?

Yes. The same underware as everyone else. However, they never hang it on the wash line outside, for the sake of modesty.

Do Amish women wear bras?

The answer is not that simple. I have been with many different Amish Women. Some of them wore a type of home sewn tight t-shirt type under garment, and others just let their melons flap freely in the breeze. But my favorite is the one Amish lady I was with who wore a tight spandex body suit under he ( Full Answer )

Do Amish men pay to have their wives bred?

Hell no, they get it for free. And that's no small thing because no one bakes like an Amish chick. And not just the white stuff: rye, multigrain, and raisin are no problem, and all of it is delicious.

What belt do the Jewish men wear?

There is no special belt for Jewish men. But some Jewish men wear "tseetsteet katan", which is an undershirt that has fringes at the bottom.

What do you have to be to be Amish?

you may not know that you are Amish because some Amish people do not go by the Amish way but even so you are still Amish in your blood. if these following statements are true about you and your family then you may be Amish. Amish people are people whose ancestors were born and raised in northern Eur ( Full Answer )

Do you wear a cummerbund and suspenders with a tuxedo?

That is the only way to wear a tuxedo properly! The suspenders (braces) are buttoned in an they help the pants (trousers) hang correctly. The cummerbund should be worn semi-tight and with pleats up. It is put on after the braces are in place and it covers the waistband. If you choose to wear a vest, ( Full Answer )

Do Amish women wear underwear?

Yes, Amish women do wear underwear. The underwear they wear usuallycovers their entire leg area and it is made from a very thickfabric.

Why do Amish men hire men to breed their women?

They hire English men to mate with their women, in order to stop all the new children from being inbreed. In some places they pay $10000 for an American non Amish man to breed with there women.

How do you wear suspenders with a skirt?

Try wearing a plain button-up shirt and find suspenders you clip onto the skirt. This would look great with Docs, Vans, flats, strap-y sandals, etc. and a cute floral skirt.

What to wear to nerd day if you don't have suspenders?

What I did, was: poke out the lenses of cheap 'ray-ban' looking sunglasses, and put scotch tape in the middle. Then wear as short of shorts you can with knee sock and a button up shirt. If your dad has a bow-tie, that would be cute too :D

Do you Amish wear uniforms?

I wouldn't exactly call what the amish wear "uniforms." It is a sort of dress code, though. Each Amish community has a kind of rulebook called an Ordnung which dictates much of Amish daily life. Ordnungs are different in each community. In some communities, the Ordnung is as strict as to determine t ( Full Answer )

Does Santa Claus wear suspenders?

Yes, Santa likes suspenders and he wears them often. Especially theones with little candy canes on them that Mrs. Claus made for him.

Why do Amish women wear dresses?

For one thing, it's because they fry bacon for breakfast. For another, they believe, as Mark Twain pointed out, "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

What is the purpose of suspender belts?

The purpose of suspender belts are to hold ones pants up and keep them from falling. Many men wear suspender belts as a fashion accessory, underneath a formal suit.

Do Amish men have to wear hats?

No. If there is a good reason to take one's hat off, it's no big deal, but you wouldn't work in the fields or barns, or work construction jobs with a naked head.

What is the purpose of wearing suspenders?

The purpose of wearing suspenders is to hold up pants or trousers. Suspenders are straps that are worn over the shoulders. The straps can be either elasticized at the attachment ends or the straps can be entirely elasticized. The straps typically form a Y or X shape at the back.

What roles do women and men have in Amish families?

Amish life is very traditional, almost like life was 150 years ago. This means that gender roles are also very traditional. For women, custom dictates that they will not have careers or work outside the home. Their primary role is as wife and mother. Women are expected to perform domestic duties, su ( Full Answer )

Do Amish women wear underwear to bed?

Unless the Amish have doctrines that determine this, which is unlikely, some Amish women may wear underwear to bed and some may not. It's likely that they wear pajamas to bed and wearing underwear to bed is a personal choice.