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It's because of an ancient concept called "The congregation of like minded souls" .

Humans gather together to worship on a regular basis , because of numerous reasons , supernatural , loyalty , appreciation , sociological , etc ... but also because it is believed that regular attendance makes you less likely to commit sin . and people say when big headed morons are coming u hide there.and eyeliner boys.

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Atheists can be found present in churches during services for several innocuous reasons:

  • They are closet atheists who, for business or family reasons, must appear to be believers so as to maintain good relations and personal safety
  • They enjoy the music as music and the ceremony as pageantry
  • They see friends and relatives there on predictable basis
  • They like to sit quietly and practice their breathing, memorize poems, do mental math problems, meditate on Zen truths
  • Are keeping an agreement made with their spouses
  • To support all the other atheists attending (for whatever reason that they are there) and joke about the service later
  • To raise the hackles of the other parishioners by indicating the problems with the sermons simple views after the service
  • To get free coffee and cookies after the service
  • To be reminded af the gullibility of the general membership
  • To ignore the service (not sit, stand, respond, pray) as they were forced to participate as a child

Members of churches may think atheists go to churches for malevolent reasons to:

  • Steal hosts and holy water
  • Mislead children or corrupt others
  • Mock believers
  • Chant satanic spells
  • Because they are lost or know they are wrong and want to come back
  • Out of fear of the afterlife, personal problems or doubt
  • They are only pretending to be atheists
  • It is part of the atheist agenda (or other conspiracy) to destroy the West
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Q: Why do Atheists go to church?
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Where do atheists go to meet singles?

Church obviously.

What do they call people who dont go to church?

Those who do not believe in God , and do not go to chuch are called atheists.

Are Swedish atheists?

No, not all Swedes are atheists. Around 66% are members of the Church of Sweden.

Do atheists go to church?

Generally, no. Atheists do NOT attend any religious institutions (be it churches or temples) for religious services, since by the very definition of atheism, they do not believe in god(s) and therefore would have no need to attend. Some atheists may go to church for various reasons not associated with religiosity such as not wanting family members and friends to discover their atheism, a strong connection within a church-going community or to maintain family connections.

Are all Emos Atheists?

Not everyone who is emo is athiest. There are people that are emo and go to church every Sunday. So, no, not all emos are athiest.

What are three sentences for the word atheists?

Atheists are people who do not believe in religion.The atheists were the most calm and rational people involved in the debate.Studies find that atheists are generally happier and more successful than those who follow Christianity.

Can atheists be buried in a churchyard?

That would depend on whether the church knows it and allows it

Why do some pelple do not go to church?

Why do some people not go to synagogue/mosque/temple etc.? They may be followers of another religion altogether or Christians who prefer not to for a variety of reasons, or atheists who don't believe in any god.

Do Atheists go for a biblical role?

No. Atheists do not seek any biblical role. They have no interest in religious writings nor having any role in them.

Where in Sweden is there a majority of atheists?

Almost no one. The state religion is the Church of Sweden or Lutheran. 93 percent of the population is Christian.

Is the catholic church a false doctrine?

NO. If we talk about places of worship all places are equally scared for the believers and false for the atheists.

Do Lebanese people go to church?

44% of Lebanese citizens and 80% of the world's ethnic Lebanese population (most ethnic Lebanese live outside of Lebanon) are Christians. Whether or not they go to church is a personal decision. The remaining percentage of Lebanese are mostly Muslims, but there are some other religious minorities, like Jews, Druze, Baha'i, and Atheists.