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Store water

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Q: Why do Cactus has small surface?
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Are a cactus's roots big or small?

you have to look at the cactus small big

Why does a saguaro cactus have roots so close to the surface?

Because the roots of the saguaro cactus are just below the surface.

What is the name of the small round cactus?

There are many types of small round cacti, but two are the prickly pear cactus and the barrel cactus.

What do beetles eat in the desert?

small amounts of moisture that comes up from under the surface of the land and they eat the inside of small cactus's this also provides their nutrients

What type of cactus has liquid in it?

The only cactus I know that has liquid in it is the Calumnnar Cactus. the Calumnar Cactus's liquid fluids can be obtained by scratching or cutting the surface of it.

What is the definition of consolidated?

of Consolidate, Made solid, hard, or compact; united; joined; solidified., Having a small surface in proportion to bulk, as in the cactus.

Are cactus spines alive?

Yes, cactus spines are living parts of the cactus plant. They owe their existence to growth buds on the plant's surface. From the growth buds also come a cactus plant's flowers.

How do spiny leaves help a cactus survive in the dessert?

They reduce transpiration due to their small surface area to volume ratio they reflect sunlight they deter hebroduce

What is pot cactif?

The correct term is a pot cactus. A lot cactus is a small cactus that's been planted in a pot to keep in the home.

Symbiosis relationship between a saguaro cactus and Gila woodpecker?

The cactus gives the woodpecker a protected home and the woodpecker eats small enemies of the cactus that get on it

What predators do cactus have?

The cactus has a great many predators actually. The cactus falls prey to many insects and small animals that can maneuver around the thorny exterior.

How is a cactus plant adapted to living in its desert habitat?

A cactus is adapted to living in the desert because it has no leaves and a small surface area so it reduces the water loss and a thick stem to store water in a drought. A cactus has very long roots to absorb water very quickly and spikes to stop animals from eating it.

Do pocket mice eat small tender cactus?

I don't know it for sure but most mammals eats cactus.

What does a small cactus plant look like?

It depends on the type of cactus. You'll have to either edit this question and delete the answer or ask a new question about a specific type of cactus

How does cactus wren adapt to the dessert?

it has adapted by becoming small

Why do cactuses have green stems?

Chlorophyll gives cactus stems their green color. A cactus has chlorophyll because of the stem's photosynthetic interaction with sunlight to make cactus foods. In many other plants, photosynthesis takes place in the leaves. But cactus needles don't offer a large enough surface for photosynthesis to take place or for photosynthetic byproducts to be stored. Instead, needles have reduced surface areas to stop surface evaporation of moisture. So photosynthesis instead must take place within the larger surface area of the stem.

Does cactus have water in it?

the cactus includes small and spiky leaves that reduce evaporation of water. It also prevents loss of water. The cactus has also a thick and juicy stem that stores water.

What is the structural adaptation of a cactus?

A cactus has adapted by making it's leaves into small spikes so it has a small amount of surface area so that a small amount of water is let out through the leaves. no, actually a catus has spikes that are its leaves that it uses as its structural adaptation it has its fleshy body that stores water as its physiological adaptation.cactii lives in deserts long due to its great storage of water protective adaptations...

Is a Christmas cactus poisonous to a small dog?

Yes, very poisonous.

How does the shape of leaves help them to do their job?

well....... big, round leaves have more surface area so they can absorb more sunlight; cactus leaves are small and thin so not much water evaporate from them. (in case u didnt know, cactus leaves are more commonly known as 'spikes.')

Why cactus plants have spines instead of leaves?

Decreased surface area minimizes water loss.

Are cactus wrens reptiles?

i dont belive so. They are a type of small bird.

Do you have to water small colorful cactus plants?

yes at least once a week

What are the small openings on the surface of leaves called?

stomata is the small openings in the surface of the leaf

What are three adaptations of a cactus?

The leaves of a cactus have been reduced to spines to deter herbivory. The stems are fleshy and photosynthetic. The stomata are sunken into the surface of the leaf to increase the boundary layer.