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Why do Chihuahua dogs have tremors?


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They don't.

If your puppy does, I would seek council with your vet. A healthy pup doesn't suffer from tremors.

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Answer 4:That is a very good question! Many Chihuahuas do shiver or have tremors. There isn't realy a "Right" answer to this question, but I do have 5 Chihuahuas and all but one do the little shiver thing. :-) There are a couple theories... one is that they are always cold (wich is kind of true, even the long hair variety always wants to cuddle under a blanket or sit in the sunny patch that comes thru the window)... another theory is that they are scared because everything seems so huge to them because they are so small... wich I do not agree with at all... Chihuahuas hardly ever seem frightened. They are extremely devoted little dogs, so they do seem kind of...worried... if their owner hasn't been around for a while. Another theory (This one is my favorite) Is that no one knows how the Chihuahua originated... all we know is that when settlers were traveling to the new world, they were traveling thru a town in Mexico called Chihuahua. These happy little dogs came out of a ruin of a town to greet them. The settlers took them along as guard dogs or companions, naming them after the town in Mexico. The theory is that the current-day-Chihuahuas know that they come from a great breed that is still a mystery and that they shake, not because they're afraid, but because they know that & are so impressed with themselves that they can't help but shake!If by tremors you mean shaking, that is normal for a chi. If by tremors you mean seizures, that could mean that your chi suffers from hyperglycemia. Your vet can advise you what to do in that situation, can be treated with a little Karo syrup rubbed into their mouth and gums.

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