Why do Chinese people practice Tai Chi?

Tai Chi has been well known in China for being an immensely valuable general health practice (if you practice Tai Chi regularly, most health problems go away).

In the philosophy of Tai Chi, it is said Chi (life energy) follows the mind, each posture and movement creates a different energy flow that, has a benifital overall affect on overall well-being.

Tai Chi stimulates circulation, aligns the skeleton and joints correctly, stimulates the organs of the body and helps digestion. It increases muscle tone, strength, improves balance and co ordination and improves breathing.

Tai Chi does not just provide physical benefits; by raising energy levels, it also affects the mind and the spirit. Tai Chi focuses thought, so that mind and body energy works together as one. When practising Tai Chi, people find that they are not just physically fitter but, happier, more alert, have greater mental focus and are more creative.

The entire reason why Tai Chi has become so mainstreamed in China can be found in the introduction to the book "Opening The Energy Gates of Your Body" (which was written by a well known Tai Chi Master named Bruce Frantzis).

When the Cultural Revolution happened in China, the communist was left with a situation that threatened a revolution; complete lack of medical care due to the fact China's population had skyrocketed but its wealth and internal medical infrastructure had dramatically shrunk. To solve this problem, the communist government forced the various Tai Chi Masters in the country to work together and divulge their secrets so that a simplified national Tai Chi form could be developed which would be extremely effective for curing medical conditions, but also quite easily to learn.

Once it had been created, the Chinese Government made instructors available throughout the country and put a mandate in the existing government hospitals (no private medical care existed at the time, so public was the only option) that for non life threatening emergencies, no one could be given access to medical care unless they first practiced Tai Chi for 3 months continuously with a certified Tai Chi instructor.

If after the instructor signed off that they had in fact practiced for 3 months, they were given access to medical care. Since this system was quite effective it resulted in two things:
  • Most of the medical problems never required treatment in a hospital since they cleared up from Tai Chi practice, reducing the burden on the hospitals to the point they could support the necessary patients.
  • Tai Chi practice was mainstreamed and large segments of the population would do it in the parks daily.

That is essentially why Tai Chi is practiced by a lot of people in China. Since there are many benefits associated with it, that trend still exists to this day, with many Chinese practicing it to maintain good health and improve balance and movement.

With regular Tai Chi practice, you can expect the following benefits:
  • stress relief
  • greater strength, flexibility and true freedom of movement
  • better balance
  • improved posture and relief of back pain
  • better circulation
  • more energy and stamina
  • smooth and deep breathing
  • improved concentration and clearer thinking
  • heightened general awareness
  • a more youthful appearance
  • relaxation, inner peace and joy

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