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I think Christmas carols have a universal appeal because Jesus has a universal appeal. * You will find most Christmas Carols to have a similar rhythm to the human heart beat as well as the lullaby tune appeals to our original needs as an infant.

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Q: Why do Christmas carols have a universal appeal?
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Where can one find a good list of christmas carols?

One could find a good list of christmas carols in a music book, a book specifically about christmas carols, or on a webpage devoted to christmas carols.

Why do you sing Christmas carols?

Christmas carols are sung to celebrate the various things Christmas represents.

What is the difference between Christmas carols and Christmas hymns?

Christmas hymns are religious in nature while Christmas Carols are secular.

What do they sing in Scotland to celebrate Christmas?

Christmas carols and hymns

What does carols remind us of?

Carols reminds me of singing Christmas carols around Christmas time. (I'm not sure if this is what you were refering carols to.) But if this isn't the kind of carols you are talking about, I'm sorry, but I tried to help. =)

Why do you have Christmas carols at Christmas?

to celebrate christmas

What do you sing on Christmas?

Christmas carols.

Who started Christmas carols?

Monks sang Christmas carols to commemorate Jesus's birth and all that.

When was Carla's Christmas Carols created?

Carla's Christmas Carols was created on 2009-11-03.

When was Acoustic Christmas Carols created?

Acoustic Christmas Carols was created on 1999-09-14.

Why do people sing Christmas carols?

People sing Christmas carols to hope for a great Christmas and to pray or just to have fun!

What is the Silent night and the Holly and the Ivy?

They are Christmas Carols. Christmas Carols are songs usually heard at Christmas time.

What is the direct object in Do you sing carols at Christmas time?


Do Afrikaans sing Christmas carols?

Yes majority of Afrikaans people are Christians and sing Christmas carols over the Christmas season

What is the phrase 'Christmas carols' in Dutch?

Kerst liederen is a Dutch equivalent of 'Christmas carols'.

Which rap songs have been used as Christmas carols?

There are several rap songs that are considered Christmas carols. They are different compared to traditional Christmas carols. Here are a few of the most popular rap Christmas carols: Christmas in Hollis by Run D.M.C., Christmas Rappin' by Kurtis Blow, and Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto by Snoop Dogg.

Where can one find the lyrics to the Christmas song 'Jingle Bells'?

The lyrics to the Christmas song "Jingle Bells" can be found on many lyric databases specifically for Christmas carols. Some of these Christmas carol databases include Hymns and Carols of Christmas and Carols.

What do carols have to do with Christmas?

People go around singing songs around Christmas and they call these songs carols. They are mostly sung around Christmas so that is what they have to do with Christmas!

Why are Christmas carols important to Christmas?

Christmas carols help to set the mood and spirit of Christmas. They are also something common that bring people together.

Where can one find the lyrics to popular Christmas carols and songs?

A person can find lyrics to popular Christmas carols and songs from several different places. Some of these places include Lyrics for Christmas and Book Of Carols.

Where Christmas carols came from?

it came from the Christmas songs

Do people in botswanna have Christmas carols?

no they have carol christmas

Does America sing Christmas carols on Christmas?


What does Scottish people listen to at Christmas?

Christmas Carols

What songs are sang in Argentina at Christmas?

Christmas carols and Christmas songs

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