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Why do Goths follow this sort of fashion and style of life?

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Every generation has this happen. I grew up as a normal teenager in the 1950's, but was introduced to the Beatnik lifestyle by a friend. Although I didn't dress in black, spout of weird poetry, bang on bongo drums, I drank the Java and listened as if I understood! LOL I had no desire to be one of them because I didn't understand where they were coming from, but I did make friends with a few. Goths simply want to stand out in their own group. Many Goths are snubbed or bullied in schools and it can be their way of letting others know they are mysterious, dark and sometimes dangerous. It gives them a sense of belonging in their own crowd and feeling secure and wanted (sort of like a family.) Many people misinterpret Goth style (it's only fashion) but there are cults of Goths that are dangerous and practice sacrifice at secret meetings. Don't always judge a book by it's cover.


Fashion wise maybe to express how they feel inside and what they believe, just the same as a catholic may wear a cross on their chain and grasp it when they need to feel faith again,

to show and express that this is their belief to other people, again same as wearing a cross, to be accepted by the others in their group and its all perfectly normal as a human being we express our emotions in our own ways all the time style of life, its a belief just like a Christian following the rules of The Bible or their church, its just what they want to do and believe.

Also when you feel like you dont fit in to a majority ruling group, ie the one there are more of, you feel like an outsider, you feel alone, you feel lost and you need to express these feelings, teenagers especially have a hard time with this.

It just so happens that goths today represent a large group of people who feel these things and have 'found' each other to create a larger group, but its not only goths who feel alone, we all do at some point and we all want to fit in and belong yet be accepted as our own individual personality's too. Remember that not all people who come on here, or talk about life and death or look similar that are goths. People are just people and really we are all looking for the same things, answers, internal peace, acceptance and belonging just so happens that those things are hard to come by.


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