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Hindu gods were basically very powerful warriors. They always had to fight against devil and evils. Having many hands helped them in war.

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Q: Why do Hindu gods have many arms?
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Why do Hindu Gods have four arms and accompanied by an anima?

Many of the hindu gods have more arms than just four. According to mythology all the hindu gods were great warriors. Extra pair of arms provided them benefits in War against evil.

Why do the Hindu Gods have four arms?

The four arms of the Hindu Gods represent the four directions indicating the omnipresence and omnipotence.

Why Hindu Gods have several pairs of arms?

Hindu God like Visnu is called 'catur-bahu'. 'Bahu' etymologically means the fore-arm, the arm between the elbow and the wrist, the arm as a measure of length; it is also extrapolated to the space between the arms.The number of Bahu is also a tacit communication of the strength of that god. Based on our research we find a common thread of symbolism used in depicting the gods with varying number of arms. While most of the gods have four arms, some gods and goddesses have ten (Devi Durga), or even infinite arms as in the form Visswarupa (cosmic form of Visnu). The probable massage - is to tell that the existence of the god in a particular dimensional space. To quantify the 'n' in n-D space. Here Visnu is said to be existent in four dimensional space-time.Hindu gods with many pairs of arms:Vishnu with four arms:Vishnu is the only Hindu god who would consistently have four arms.Vishnu is symbolic of the status quo maintaining Semi voluntary force. Since it is made of two forces viz. Voluntary force and Involuntary force, it enables us to do two things at a time. Even when we are doing just one thing we can use one force for execution and the other for control. Therefore, Vishnu, who symbolizes this forces, is represented with two pairs of arms.Incarnations of Vishnu after Narasimhavatara, where status quo function is not necessary, have a single pair of arms only.Other Hindu gods with four arms:Ganesha is a popular Hindu god who is always represented with four arms.Since two pairs of arms indicate the ability to execute and the simultaneous ability to control what is executed, two pairs of arms were added to practically all gods and goddesses. It is for this reason that, with time, many of the Hindu gods became less popular.The other god who is invariably presented with four arms is Brahma. However, Brahma is a rarely worshiped god.Goddesses with more than four arms:The Shakti goddesses may have up to ten pairs of arms. However, these are goddesses of illusion, that enable us to create an illusion that we are greater than we look. Thus, these goddesses would be holding weapons of all other gods.Krishna and Vishvarupa:Krishna usually would have a single pair of arms. However, in Vishvarupa he may have countless pairs of arms. In this form Krishna is considered as the supreme Hindu god and thus he would have features of all Hindu gods, including the Shakti gods, who themselves have up to ten pairs of arms.The number of arms indicate the options we would have.Other factors remaining constant,1. Gods with single pair of arms make us progress faster2. Gods with many pairs of arms make our life safer, but retard progress3. Gods with two pairs of arms are the optimum gods

What does a Hindu god look like?

Hi I am almost related to be a Hindu. There are lots of hindu gods. All I can say is that all of them have this is common : They have lots of jewlwery, they have really good power, most of them have 3 arms or 6 arms or 8 arms to move fast and carry stuff. Thats all i know. Maybe you can ask someone who is hindu.

Who worshiped many gods and goddeses?

Hindu with around 330 million gods

What are the names of all the Hindu gods?

There are millions if not billions. All the gods on the planet are considered part of the Hindu gods. One can not name all the Hindu gods.

Could Hindu Gods fly?

Yes, Hindu Gods can fly.

What is the Hindu term for gods?

The Hindu term for Gods is 'bhagvan' or 'ishwar'...!

What is the contribution of Hindu gods to the world?

there was 300 million Hindu gods...............

Do all Hindu gods have four arms?

No. Some have two, Some have four, some goddess have even eight.

What is the name of a religion that believes in many gods?


What do Hindu people believe in?

They believe in many gods

What do the many Hindu gods and goddesses represent?


How many gods do Hindu relirion have?

330 million.

What religion is the religion in India with many gods?


Which religions worshipped many gods and goddesses?

Many religions have a plurality of gods. Hindu is a good example.

Do Hindus believe in worship of many gods?

There are about 33 million gods in the Hindu religion.

How many god are in Hindu mythology?

many people cannot believe it but there are 340,000,000-360,000,000 gods in Hindu mythology.

How many Hindu gods are ther?

330 million god and goddess are known in Hindu religion.

How many arms does durga have?

The Hindu goddess Durga is typically depicted with ten arms.

How many arms and legs does Hindu goddess Lakshmi have?

She has 4 arms and 2 legs.

How many Hindu gods?

It is a myth that hindus have 33 crore gods. Hindus have about ten thousand gods in total.

How many Hindu gods are they?

Hindus have exactly 330 million deities. (Gods). :P true answer.

What has the author T R R Iyengar written?

T. R. R. Iyengar has written: 'Dictionary of Hindu gods and goddesses' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Goddesses, Hindu, Gods, Hindu, Hindu Goddesses, Hindu Gods

Who's religion has the most gods?

I believe that is probably the Hindu relgion. There are literally millions of gods in the Hindu faith, so many that no Hindu could possibly be able to identify all of the gods. As I understand it, each family even has their own patron god. further Hinduism is known as a polytheistic reigion, because it has many gods.