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Why do I have a bump in my hair?

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Inside an hair bump is hair all u have to do is pop it which will burn or sting not bad get i twisser or comb to get the hair out. My perm popped it lol

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What are the red pimple like bump on body that are itchy?

It may be an ingrown hair. There will be a loop of hair on the bump, pluck it and then your good.

What can cause a bump in your pubic hair?

It could be an ingrown hair or a pimple.

What are berets?

berets are clips that you put in your hair to keep it from going every where. example: when you put your hair into a bump you use a buret to keep it in a bump.

How do you make a bump up in your hair?

lift up your bangs, twist them, and then pin them backor buy 'Bump it'

How can you get rid of a ingrown hair bump?

usa pircey

What is a sore spot on the top right side of head no bump?

If there is no bump, it is probably just an infection of the hair follicle. An infection or disturbance in the hair follicle can cause pain and discomfort in the area and when you move that piece of hair.

Where can you buy 'bump its' hair accessory?

Conair's Bump It is available at some drugstores and other retailers that carry Scunci and Conair hair accessories. They're also available online at the Hair Flair Boutique.

Can hair follicles fall out along with the shed hair If not what is the black bump at the end of the hair?

That black bump (which is clear or white in blonde hair) is not the follicle itself but the root of the strand. Think of it as the bulb of a flower. Your hair follicle is part of your scalp. It can become clogged or damaged, but cannot fall out.

What is a bump on your upper inner thigh?

it is generally an ingrown hair.

There is a Bump in the back of head is causing hair loss what is it?

If a bump in the back of the head is causing hair loss, it may be restricting blood flow. There is no way to tell without seeing a physician. It could by anything from an infected hair to cancer.

How do you get rid of hair bumps on your vagina?

Shave the hair in one direction. Do not shave against the direction of hair growth. When you get bump use a solution such a bump stopper to dry up the bumps. Be very careful so that the solution don't get into your vagina. That will be very unpleasant. If you cannot get bump stopper solution use rubbing alcohol. remove the ingrowing hair from the bump with a pin. Again be careful you do not want to cause damage to your vagina. This routine will have to be repeated as long as you continue shaving as there is no known cure for hair bumps especially on the vagina. Good luck

What muscle that causes a goose bump?

arrector pili muscleIt's the errector pilli muscle, it actually raises the hair and that is what the goose bump is.

Where are all the places you can get hair bumps?

You can get a 'hair bump' or ingrown hair where ever you have hair on your body, including face, arms, underarms, pubic area, legs, etc.

Is the bump is hair this good?

It depends on your hair type. Thin hair may have problems covering the piece and it bumps the hair way too hih for anything casual.

What are the materials that you need so you can bump up your hair?

use a comb and tease it then hairspray it and there you go :) Use hairspray, a curler brush, smooth silk ( keeps hair from frizzing ) or a bump-it from those commercials on TV

How do you cure a risen bump on your virgina?

A risen bump in the pubic area is likely an ingrown hair, and will go away in a short time on its own. If the bump is painful and persists, do see a doctor.

What are hair bumps?

hair bumps are when your putting up your hair and you get this little bump in you ponytail or what ever you have when you have your hair up. some people like hair bumps in there pony tails and such but some don't.

What is red bump on back that hurts?

Could be a cyst. Or an ingrown hair OR a pimple

What is a small bump on the back of the neck at the hair line?

it's the top of your spine

How do you get the hump in your hair?

ok soooooo you grab either a small chunk of hair or your bangs, then pull it back to the crown (center) of your head. Have the pin or clip in hand ready, then put the pin in your hair that your holding, then bump it until its the perfect size that you want it to be. Take my advice, get the bump it!!

What is the difference between a boil and a bump?

A hair bump is a result of an ingrown hair which tends to develop at the hair shaft's end. They have pointy sharpened end and normally will try to grow straight but if they're prevented from doing that they curl back into themselves and re enter into the same follicle that they were trying to grow out of ,when they occur, a hair bump is formed . Boils are skin infection involving an entire hair follicle and the tissues around it. They can occur anywhere on the body. They're common in the face, neck, thigh, armpit and chin. The difference between the two is that, a hair bump is caused by ingrown hair under the skin whereas the boil is caused by bacteria. They both can heal without treatment. Dickson NJ.. Student

Is it normal for a 16 year old boy to get a bump on his pubic hair skin?

Yes, it is most likely just an ingrown hair.

How do you do the Snooki Poof?

there are many ways go to a store and buy a bump it, put in a spray in your hair, or just put a clip in your hair

Who put the bump in the bump she bump she bump?

YOU put the bump in the bump she bump she bump

Are bump its bad hair accessory?

yes. they are ugly and make you look like an alien.

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