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Why do I want to cry sometimes and don't know why?

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This sometimes happens because maybe your hormones are kicking in.

Don't worry babes sometimes we all just cry for no reason just let the tears come and talk to people you love.

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The song is Sometimes by N.O.R.E.

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i dont know i want to cry i cant finish my homework im so dump so stupid

Why do people cry when the feel sad?

because when a person feel really sad and they dont want anyboday to know or dont want to tel any one, and they have no one to talk with and more sad than your brain will keep on thinking that happens( what make you cry) and than your eyes will start turn red and you will see the tears comeing out of your eyes. so when you are really upsad you will cry.

What should you do if your parents make you cry?

Get over it. Life is not easy and your parents are trying to teach you about life. Sometimes we don't get everything we want or do what we want so we cry.

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Puppies are like other babies, they cry because they want attention or either they are hungry. They want to know that they are safe and they want to be with their mommy.

Why can't cats cry?

Cats CAN cry. They are pretty much the same as us. Sadly, my cat has cried before. i dont know why, but it is proof. CATS CAN CRY! Yes, they can cry, but they can't cry tears.

How do you make a dog cry?

When dogs are sad they do not cry, like we do. And I'm not sure why you would want to know how to make your dog cry.

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because i feel left out and i dont know what to do

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When i do something wrong i start to cry even though i don't want 2 plus when i get hurt even though it doesn't hurt i start to cry but i don't want to?

dont worry it will be fine

Is it possible to want to cry because your happy with someone that it makes you want to cry?

I know exactly that feeling. People have crazy feelings sometimes, and wanting to cry because you're so happy around someone is one of those crazy feelings. Without those weird-seeming urges to emotionally react, we would all be empty vessels of no feeling.

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What is the climate in Basilicata?

Sometimes i feel like i dont have a problem, sometimes i feel like, my only friend, is the city i live in, the city of angels, lonely as i am, together we cry

What to do when your really mad and want to cry but you don't want to cry?

A: cry. its good for u