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Rebellion, seeking attention, depression, poor self image, peer pressure. Pick one or more.

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Actually, for many of us, it's an opportunity to live out our fantasies. Lolita is all about being a girl. It's a lifestyle that is fun to share, challenges us to reach our full potential in the sewing and cooking realms, and a traditions that bonds us closer together as friends. Trust me when I say a poor self image doesn't factor into it at all. Most 'peers', as was put above, discourage the freedom of such expression and it takes a great deal of confidence to be lolita.


People wear Gothic Lolita for the same reason why some people wear black clothes, or why some people wear baggy pants, or let their jeans sag, or wear Baseball hats, or scarves in the summertime. It is basically because they can. People use clothes as a form of expression and what they like.

... Either that, or the person in a pink dress in front of you probably lost a bet.


I can't answer as to why the Japanese wear Lolita, however I do know Americans wear it because they just plain like the lace and frills and whatnot. It does take a lot of courage to wear something that isn't commonly seen. Just because something is different, doesn't mean it's trying to stand out. Besides, with how expensive Lolita costs, it's really a hobby or investment that takes more dedication than someone feeling pressured to rebel or get attention would normally give.

I think that these girls are dressing this way to either be different or to be like others. Maybe one girl decided it looked cool and followed another girls lead, while another girl decided to do something daring and dress different. Either way, yes it does take a great deal of courage. I know this from personal experience. I just don't like how everyone has to treat you when you dress different. It should be your choice and these girls are expressing just that. They probably don't want to grow up or like the frills it shouldn't matter either way. I think you people are all just jealous that other people are getting more attention because they have the ability to dress differently and decide to make their own clothes for a change. That stupid stuff you buy at the mall everyone has, you shouldn't crush some innocent girl just because she likes to dress differently.


It's not just the Japanese girls who like to dress in Gothic Lolita - boys do as well. They do it because they all like that style - it's exactly the same as a chav wearing trackies (not trying to stereotype). They like that style and wear because they can. They are trying to make themselves like the Porcelain china dolls you can buy.


Because deep down inside, everyone wants to be a pretty pretty princess, but only a few brave/aloof/bidoof souls have the lack of self-consciousness to actually dress that way in public.

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Another big reason, is because it originated in Japan. Also, when you're older (say, I don't know...40s and on) it just doesn't look right anymore. It's the baby doll look, so Japanese teens can get away with it since they look so young anyway. All they want to accomplish is to look "cute," not sexy. It's the people with a Gothic Fetish that dress them up like that to sell pictures or clips.

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Q: Why do Japanese teenage girls dress Gothic Lolita?
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Gothic & Lolita Bible includes free Lolita patterns in every issue. You can purchase the magazine on Amazon.

Where do you get a gothic Lolita dress?

There are many Japanese Lolita brands that sell Gothic Lolita clothing, but are often priced at a high rate because the market for it is small (clothing size range is limited) and the designers themselves must be compensated for their time, designs, and use of materials. You could also find someone who works as a seamstress who can create a custom dress in your clothing sizes, by commissioning them online or in real life.

What are lolita?

Rephrase the question to "what is Lolita." Lolita is a Japanese fashion inspired by 18th to 19th century clothing styles, particularly Rococo and Victorian dress. There are various ways to interpret the fashion, ranging from mature, to elegant and gothic, cute and doll-like, and there are mixes in between.

How do you make a gothic lolita dress?

You may just refer to the following trend of gothic lolita: This Gothic fashion has been adopted into the Lolita fashion through the use of darker make up, clothing, and themes in the design. Unlike other Lolita Styles, in Gothic Lolita darker colors are used for makeup. Red lipstick and smoky or neatly defined eyes, created using black eyeliner, are typical styles. The Gothic Lolita makeup is not as heavy or dramatic as the Western gothic counterparts. Newer makeup styles emphasize lighter colors but still retain the heavy eye makeup. The outfits themselves usually use dark color schemes like black, dark blues and purples; often with accents of white. As with western gothic subculture, cross jewelry and other religious symbols are also used to accessorize the gothic Lolita look. Other accessories, like bags and purses, are often in uncommon shapes like bats, coffins, and crucifixes.

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The cast of The Dress of Lolita - 1913 includes: Irene Hunt as Lolita Charles Perley as Beto

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So far as I know on the internet, there are several on line Chinese wholesale Lolita companies. They all provide the Lolita clothing in a low price and high quality.

What is chinas clothing?

The people of china dress much like americans, but as for the wealthy and style savy, there are many different styles to choose from. Many teenage girls in China like to dress in a very cute and feminine fashion. This style is considered "Lolita."

Are there any Christian Lolitas?

Yes I am A christian Lolita if you are talking about the fashion there are many religious young ladies who dress in Lolita

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I think lolit dress shops can be found in any place There is a shop called One Day In Paradise in the city that sells lolita clothing

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gothic was found in 1800. gothic people dress up black and they have black hair and they love darkness.

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What are Harajuku girls?

Harajuku girls can refer to either: 1.) Girls in Harajuku, Japan that dress in Japanese street fashion. Japanese street fashion is known to be fun, colorful, and eccentric. The fashion they dress in can range from many different styles, including decora, lolita, visual kei, cosplay, gyaru, etc. 2.) Gwen Stefani's Japanese backup dancers are also refered to as the "Harajuku Girls."

Is Lolita suitable for prom?

Depends on the style of Lolita (and of course the dress). The hime Lolita style may be good depending on the look you want. You can also try the aristocratic Lolita style very sophisticated perfect for a dance. But i wouldn't prefer a casual or sweet Lolita style (such the style i wear). it isn't very suitable for a prom. hope this helps! =3

Where in England can you buy a dress for a teenage girl?


What is the name of the traditional Japanese gown?

The Kimono could be considered the traditional Japanese gown. The Japanese kimono dress is not really a dress in the typical Western style. The Japanese kimono is a traditional form of dress worn by both Japanese males and females.

Is a gothic a witch?

Goth is a subculture in music and dress style. Although some people who dress gothic in appearance may participate in various forms of witchcraft, it is not true of all people who classify themselves as goth.

What is Lolita?

Lolita was originally just a girls name of Spanish origin, derived from 'Lola'. In 1955, Vladimir Nabokov wrote a novel with the title and main character named as such, and it became more well-known. Unfortunately, the book was known for the sexual relationship between an older man and a twelve year old girl, and so Lolita became a slang term for a very young (12-14) sexual or seductive girl (it's very cute acutally) However, 'Gothic Lolita' is also a broad fashion style inspired in Japan started by a performer MANA, but it is quite far from the term. The Lolita fashion is based around rococo and early Victorian styled dress. The fashion is actually very conservative and not sexual at all. Gothic Lolita can be found all over the world, and has a very diverse fan base. There is a branch of Lolita fashion, called 'Ero-Loli', which is supposed to be more sexually aimed. In the UK, there was a furniture brand recalled because of the name 'Lolita' and its relations to the book. The most well-known recall was of a bed for children, which was recalled because of angry parents. ,

What is the word 'dress' when translated from English to Japanese?

It is 'doresu.'

What style of dress was Amy Lee wearing in the music video Lithium?

Gothic victoriana

Cosplay Is a Zombie Gothic Lolita a good original idea Have you heard of it before Suggestions?

No, i have not thought of that before! Great idea! You will need a black dress that has intricate designs on it along with darker tights and boots. You will also need (if you want) multi-colored hair. You can have black colored nails and dark makeup.

What is traditional dress of Bhutan?

The male dress is called as GHO and female dress as KIRA. It is similar to Japanese traditional dress.

What do you call a Japanese dress?

A Kimono

What is Japanese for dress?

wanpisu the wanpisu

What clothing do teenagers wear in japan?

There are different types in Japan that range frrom Goth to Princess. The Princess type of style is called 'Hime'. They decorate their rooms to match being a Princess and also they dress in pretty dresses that cost them clode to $1,100. There is the GOTHICA LOLITA, that is very dark and as you could say sinful. List of fashions: -ganguro -visual kei -hime -ko-gal -cosplay & - gothic lolita. I hope this answered your question. (: