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Jehovah's Witnesses engage in a door-to-door ministry in imitation of Jesus and his disciples, who also did this same type of ministry. Jesus commanded that his true Christian followers must do this preaching work. (Matt. 28:19,20) Jesus also prophesied that this would be done world-wide, as Jehovah's Witnesses do. (Matt 24:14) But the biggest reason we do it is love. Jesus said the two greatest commands were to love God and neighbor, (Matt 22:37-39).

Love for God compels us to go out and glorify God, by calling attention to him, his son Jesus, and The Bible. Love for neighbor moves us to share the Bible's hope of a bright future that is soon to come by means of God's Kingdom. We believe the events that are happening around us, that many people call "the signs of the times", are proof that we are living in the time that the Bible calls "the time of the end." (Read Matt Ch 24) We want to share that knowledge with our neighbor, so that they can take appropriate action and benefit.

The work of Jehovah's Witnesses is done world-wide, 235 lands, by over 6.5 million preachers (as of Sept 2005). All this work is done completely voluntarily. No one is paid. We don't even have a paid clergy of any kind. We even do the preaching work at our own expense, not only of our time, but our money, and resources as well. There is never a collection plate passed at meetings, never an "offering", a tithe, or membership due of any kind. All contributions are voluntary and private. In our ministry, people may offer to contribute a small amount, and we will accept, then forward the money to the organization. All moneys contributed are used in continuing to print Bibles, books, and Bible-based literature, and other necessary expenses to further this world-wide work. In the service year of 2005 alone, there was over 1,278,000,000 hours spent in this activity by Jehovah's Witnesses.

They see their work as comparable to a situation where someone is drowning in a lake, and someone else is standing on the shore with a life-preserver and a rope. If the one with the means to help the victim did nothing at all, then that person would be held accountable for the others life. We believe we have something that will benefit our neighbor to have a better life now, and a real hope for the future. And no one pays us :)

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They are not paid to go door to door, and in fact, take on the expenses associated with the ministry such as vehicle upkeep and fuel personally. Jehovah's Witnesses believe this to be an essential part of exercising faith in Jesus and listening to his commands at Matthew 28:19,20 to go out and make disciples. It is their belief that they are imitating the first century Christians who engaged in a similar evangelizing work.
They also believe that they are fulfilling the prophecy Jesus gave about the signs of the end at Matthew 24:14, where he said the good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited Earth.

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Q: Why do Jehovah's Witnesses go to people's houses and who pays them?
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