Why do Muslims go to a mosque to pray?

It is recommended that Muslims pray at a mosque for greater reward and strengthening brotherhood, but it is permissible to pray at home as well. Muslim men are required to attend weekly Friday prayers.

Some people would say that you do have to visit the mosque, as it is Sunnah or following Mohammad's example. Also there is a hadith (the prophet Muhammad's sayings/deeds) that says that visiting the mosque is 27 times more important than prayers at home. Visiting the mosque on Friday prayers promotes Ummah or the brotherhood of Islam. Mohammad says to pray five times a day so if you are going to the mosque it will help you keep these rules. Praying with other Muslims helps to promote the strength in their prayers. It also builds feelings of community spirit and awareness of people who are less fortunate than you; this promotes Zakah or charities working for the good of Islam. On Fridays, the Sermon given by the Imam would also be a faith boosting experience which would be better in keeping the faith and strengthening the faiths of all who attend. The mosque is a place for worship, education, and a refuge from the cares of the world. Best described by Prophet Muhammad , namely that the mosque should be a garden of paradise. The Friday sermon refreshes the memory on religious commitments. For men the Friday sermon is necessary to be prayed in a mosque, this is optional for women.