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To get the chlorine out of their hair. When you get out and dry off your skin becomes itchy Swimming Pools contain many bacterias and are unhealthy for the body.

also as the swimmer i am i take showers because it gets the chlorine out of my hair and off my body. But also because it cools you off and also relaxes u after a hard swim or hard practice. answer: most of the time they do it to get the clorine off them and some just take showers after to make them feel cleaner and good.

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Q: Why do Olympic swimmers and divers take showers after they get out of the water?
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Why do swimmers and divers takeshower after they get out of water?

Manly swimmers and divers will take showers afterward meets, practices, etc. because to get the chlorine out of hair.

Why do swimmers and divers take showers after they get out of the water?

To wash off the chemicals of the pool water, especially the chlorine which is very drying

Why do Olympic divers take showers after they get out of the water?

It is so they can get rid of all thechlorine from their body. Also after a tuff session they can relax.

Why do swimmers and divers take showers afther they get out of the water?

After swimming, there will be chlorine on your skin. Many people prefer to shower right after getting out to get the chlorine off of their skin, so that it doesn't dry out their skin.

How does polluted water effect divers and swimmers?

i dont know im not a scientist

Why do divers take showers after coming out of water?

Normally divers are either in salt water or fresh water systems; the shower is to wash off the salts or any contaminated water from their bodies and equipment.

Why do swimmers and divers take shower after the getting off the water?

To wash the salt off their bodies.

Why do olympic swimmers spit in the water?

There is no real answer for this... it's a 'man thing'.

Why do olympic divers enter a second pool of water after they dive?

to col off

Why do swimmers and divers take showers after they get out to the water?

Pool water is treated with chemicals to make it safe to swim in (young children frequently relieve themselves in the pool). The chemical are not good for the skin and therfore pool users should shower BEFORE (to go in clean) and AFTER (to wash of the chemicals) they use the pool.

Why do olympic divers wear such small swimsuits?

the suits have to be stream line to move faster in the water

Why do olympic swimmers wear smooth caps and swimming costumes men and women?

because the water should not open our mouth

Why do Olympic swimmers wet themselfs before a race?

This habit doesn't exist strictly among olympic swimmers; many competitive swimmers splash or feel the water before a race. Some may use the water to adjust goggles or caps, others prefer to wet themselves in order to prepare for the temperature difference (competition pools must be between 25-28 °C (77-82 °F)).

Why do Olympic divers throw a small cloth into the water first before they dive?

It is a visual reference as to where the clear water is. Otherwise it is difficult to know how close to the surface the diver is.

What is the personification for this sentence the water beckoned invitingly to the hot swimmers?

Water was chilly to the swimmers

How many swimmers in the 2012 Olympics?

There were 900 pool swimmers, and 50 open water swimmers.

What are the fountains for in an Olympic diving pool?

You usually see them in diving competitions. The water spouting into the pool gives the divers perspective on the distance to the surface of the pool.

Why do Olympic divers put their towels in the water?

They are a special towel that has to be wet to absorb water (when they are completely dry they feel like cardboard). basically they just help to get rid of any excess water on your body.

What adaptation makes it possible for ducks to be such great swimmers and divers?

1. Webbed feet 2. Feathers that are water repellent because the duck preens itself and rubs oil from the oil gland onto them...?

What is the difference of divers and dabblers?

dabblers eat stuff at the surface of the water and divers eat stuff under water

Why do Olympic divers shower after each dive?

Contrary to popular belief, divers do not shower between each dive because of bacteria. Divers shower in warm water (or even soak in a hot tub) to keep their muscles warm and loose. This is also why gymnasts put on warm-ups, or pants and jackets, after each event. Some divers believe that if they go into the water while wet they can enter with a smaller splash, however most dry off with a towel.

Why do olympic swimmers drink pool water?

To prevent the gag reflex.This is to prevent the gag reflex that can occur from accidentally swallowing water while swimming. By tasting the water in advance, the mouth is made accustomed to the taste and quality of the water and its additives.

Are there Showers timers for water consumtion?

Yes, called metering showers

What part of speech is showers?

Either a noun (The showers in the gym have little water pressure) or a verb (She showers him with attention).

What do swimmers look like?

Swimmers look like people moving around in the water