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Why do Scottish people wear kilts?

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In the 19th century, Sir Walter Scott 're-invented' the kilt in its modern form and from that point on it began to be recognised as our National Dress (dress as in costume, not skirt) worn mostly on ceremonial / formal occasions. Now, more and more, it is worn as a symbol of Scottishness, for instance by fans attending Scotland football / Rugby matches. It is not everyday wear for most Scots.

The wearing of kilts goes back along time. The Scottish army wore kilts out of mere convience. In battle it is alot easier to relieve yourself if you don't have a whole bunch of buttons and a belt to undo. Its also why traditional kilt wearing does not involve the use of underwear.

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What clothes did scottish people wear?


What did scottish people wear?

They wore kilts and tarps.

Did Scottish women wear kilts?

Scottish women wear kilts. It's their traditional dress used by Scottish Men'ys. Women's also do wear Scottish Kilts. TheUtilityKilt is offering kilts for Men's Women's and Baby.

How called the skirts which the Scotland wear?

the skirts that scottish people wear are called kilts.

Are you to wear a kilt on every birthday?

Very few Irish People wear kilts, it is really a modern Scottish phenomena. The only people to wear kilts are pipe bands etc.

Do Scottish people wear kilts all the time?

No most only wear them for special occasions.

What kinds of clothing do liechtenstein people wear?

scottish kilts and stuff like that that they wear in switzerland

Do only the Irish wear kilts?

No. Scottish people wear kilts also. Mainly at weddings and when the national football (soccer) or rugby teams are playing.

When did people wear kilts in the US?

they didn't. that is scottish. or maybe irish!? or both.

What did Scottish wear in the olden days?


Who in the British military wear kilts?


Do Scotsmen wear kilts during war?

Yes, many Scottish regiments wear kilts at all times. I battle, naturally, they wear khaki kilts.

When do stottish wear kilts?

Scottish people sometimes wear the kilt at weddings and other special occassions.

Where are kilts worn?

Kilts are mainly worn in Scotland. Men of Scottish descent often wear kilts to their wedding.

Why do the Scots wear kilts?

This a stereotype that all Scottish people wear kilts. No-one walks around with a kilt on all the time. It is just a traditional dress that people used to wear alot centuries ago.

What do Scottish men wear in front of their kilts?

A Sporran

What percent of scottish people wear kilts?

None, except for special occasions, this is the 21st century!!!

Do Scottish soldiers wear Kilts?

The Highlanders used to wear Kilts during battle. Modern Day soldiers were the army uniform.

When do scottish wear kilts?

the Scots wear the kilts 2 festivals and 2 battle. the Scots didn't wear the kilts 2 battle back in the early days. I hope that answered your question!!!!!!!

How do Scottish men dress?

Some wear the traditional kilts.

Why do scottish people wear kilts and play the bagpipe?

They don't. Hardly anyone can play the bagpipes and even less wear a kilt.

Why Irish men wear skirt?

they don't - Scottish men wear kilts on special occasions. Irish pipe bandsmen wear kilts only when playing music

What cloth scottish people were for their kilts?


Why scottish man wear skirt?

Scottish men do not wear skirts. Some Scottish men wear kilts, which may look like a skirt but are a completely different garment.

Do the Scottish branch of the Scouts wear underwear when they are wearing kilts?

They wear G- Strings or thongs.