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Tasmanian devils do not attack humans.

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Q: Why do Tasmanian devils attack humans?
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Does a Tasmanian devil kill humans?

No. Tasmanian devils neither attack nor kill humans.

Do Tasmanian devils get along with humans?

Tasmanian devils avoid humans wherever possible.

Do Tasmanian devils like to cuddle with humans?

Tasmanian devils are not affectionate creatures. They avoid humans as much as possible.

Are Tasmanian devils harmless or harmful to humans?

Tasmanian devils are quite harmless to humans, as long as these humans do not atttempt to interfere with them while they are feeding.

Why should humans save Tasmanian Devils?

Humans should save Tasmanian Devils because they eat the sick and dead animals.

How many people have Tasmanian devils killed or injured?

There are no reports of Tasmanian devils killing or even injuring people. Tasmanian devils do not actively engage in vicious behaviour against humans. They are quite small creatures, though with very strong, powerful jaws, and they are very shy. They will not attack if unprovoked.

Do foxes catch Tasmanian devils?

Foxes do not catch adult Tasmanian devils. Healthy adult Tasmanian devils are too stocky and large for a fox to attack. However, foxes are a threat to sick adults and young joeys (baby Tasmanian devils).

Can you adapt Tasmanian devils?

Tasmanian devils are completely wild animals. Humans cannot "adapt" them, but they can create new environments for them.

Do Tasmanian Devils attack humans?

A Tasmanian Devil will tackle anything up to wombat size to get a meal. Although they are perfectly capable of removing a finger with one bite, they would not hunt humans, or attack, other than in self defense.

How do cats kill Tasmanian devils?

Feral cats are particularly aggressive, but they do not tend to attack adult Tasmanian devils. They are a threat to young joeys.

What impact can humans have on the Tasmanian devils environment?

by deleting the trees

What is the Tasmanian devil afraid of?

Tasmanian devils do not fear other animals, but they do have a healthy fear of humans.

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