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Walrus live in very cold water with ice. The blubber acts as a store of energy and also fat is a good insulator and traps heat inside the Walrus' body. This keeps them warm.

Note, many marine mammals (whales, seals etc.) also use blubber in this way.

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Why do walrus layer of fat or blubber around there body?

The blubber protects the walrus from the cold.

Why does a walrus have a layer of fat or blubber around their body?


Why do walruses have blubber around there body?

The thick layer of blubber round their body is to insulate the walrus from the intense cold.

Why does a walrus have a layer of and blubber around their body?

They use it to protect themselves from the cold, and from injury.

Why do pacific walrus have a layer of fat and blubber around their body?

The Pacific walrus lives so far north that the ocean water is nearly at freezing temperatures. If the walrus entered the water and did not have such a thick layer of blubber, it would freeze to death. They have to enter the water to feed, however, so they need blubber.

Why do manatee have layer of fat or blubber around their body?

They have a layer of blubber to keep themselves warm.

Why do walruses have a layer of fat around their bodies?

Also known as blubber, this layer helps the walrus to keep heat inside its body instead of having the heat radiate off of it.

What is the body of a walrus covered in?


What is a walrus body covering?


What animal has a layer of blubber around their body?

seal has more blubber in animals

Which animal has a layer of fat or blubber around their body?


Why do sea lions have a layer of fat or blubber around their body?

To keep them warm in cold waters and on cold land

Which animals have layer of fat or blubber around their body?

Walruses, seals, sea lions, whales, dolphins, porpoises and manatees.

How do walrus adapt themselves to the polar region?

Walrus have 6 inches thick fat called blubber. When Walrus dives in water, the warm blood on the skin goes inside the body. This helps the walrus keeps it body sustainable. When they are on land, the heat of the body comes back to the skin and help them to sustain on land.

What part of a whales body does the bluber come from?

Blubber refers to a layer of fat found under the skin layer in some animals. Therefore, the whale blubber is located under the skin layer of the whale.

Do walruses have blubber?

Yes.The walrus' skin is very wrinkly. These wrinkles are like armor and protect the walrus when they "joust" with thether males. Their thick skin also helps protect them from all predators except the orca whale, polar bear, and man. Living in the Arctic is not hard for the walrus to do because they have blubber under their skin. Blubber is their body fat. This protects them from the cold water in the Arctic. Your Welcome:) Good Luck!

What is the difference between an elephant and walrus?

The difference between a walrus and an elephant is that a walrus is a sea mammal and has blubber to keep them warm while the elephant is a land mammal and is gray while the walrus is brown. The elephant is also different from the walrus because it was a warm layer of fat with tiny hair covers some of it's body. The walrus also has tiny hairs covering it body. They are both mammals because of that. There are also other reasons while they are mammals but you should know that already. You know. What makes a mammal a mamal. If you don't than you should find out.

Dolphins outer covering?

The core of a dolphinâ??s body is well insulated by a thick layer of blubber. The blubber is actually the modified 3rd layer or "hypodermis" of a dolphinâ??s skin.

How do you make blubber?

Blubber is the layer of fat under a whale's skin. It comes from the food the whale eats, just like the rest of the body.

What body covering manatee has to protect itself?

Blubber-A layer of fat to keep it warm

How much fat does a killer whale have?

A killer whale has a thick layer of body fat, called blubber, that lies underneath its skin. This blubber layer, from 7.6 to 10 cm (3 - 4 in.) thick, insulates the whale and streamlines its body.

How does the blue whale survive the cold?

Most mammals that live in cold climates have thick fur to keep them warm. A whale has no fur. But it does have thick skin. This skin is lined with blubber. Blubber is a layer of fatty tissue just beneath a marine mammal's skin. The blubber of a whale is 3 to 4 inches (7.6 to 10.1 centimeters) thick. Blubber acts like an extra layer of clothing. It covers most of the whale's body. Only the flippers, the flukes, and the dorsal fin lack blubber. Blubber keeps out the cold and traps heat in. Without blubber, the whale couldn't survive in icy waters. A whale can also turn its blubber into energy, which heats up the animal's body. The whale can live off this fatty layer when it can't find food. When there is plenty of food, the whale will build its layer of blubber back up.

How do walruses keep warm?

First of all, they have a large layer of blubber or fat. And the fur of the walrus is just like other marine mammals. It is a waterproof cover. These things keep it not cold in the water. I doubt that they are exactly warm, but I think they are at a comfortable body temperature.

How do plump walrus move?

All walruses are plump, it is the thick blubber under the skin that keeps them warm. The walrus flops the whole body forward in a series of jerks, and can move quite quickly over a short distance.

What is dolphin blubber?

Dolphins, porpoises and whales have a thick layer of fat beneath the skin to insulate them so that they do not lose too much body heat in the water. That's the blubber.

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