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Some answers are incorrect and some are nonsense in those cases the answers are either edited or removed. This is done in order to make sure that no one is misinformed or in some cases offended. Also, some contributions to the answer page are debates and some are discussions that do not directly answer the question. Often a new contributor doesn't take the time to read the guidelines available at the Help Center and starts off on the wrong foot.

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Q: Why do WikiAnswers editors remove some answers and edit others?
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Does wikianswers remove answers that have no meaning or connection to people's question's?


Why are all of the answers on WikiAnswers completely useless?

Not all answers on WikiAnswers are useless. Usually unhelpful answers are posted by WikiAnswers users who don't know what they are doing, and post answers to questions even if they don't really know the answer. If you find an answer on WikiAnswers that is unhelpful, you can remove it or flag it for improvement using the tools on the blue bar on your left.

On WikiAnswers why do users delete an answer and save it?

The two main reasons for contributors to delete an answer on WikiAnswers and save it are to remove "bad" answers or to vandalize.

Why does Wiki allow Christian answers but not others?

As a website, Wikianswers does not have such a position. However individual contributors may often remove answers that they believe to be from the 'wrong' viewpoint. If you get into an edit war over different, but valid answers, you should contact a supervisor to mediate the issue.

Why do all the worst answers replace good answers on WikiAnswers?

Some people on WikiAnswers do not understand the concept of a Wiki, and end up replacing answers with their own or adding their answer after an existing answer. Answers on WikiAnswers are meant to be answered with a single, unified answer. Users should not remove an answer to replace it with their own unless the existing answer is entirely incorrect.

Are all WikiAnswers true?

While the majority of answers on WikiAnswers are accurate, there are some answers posted that are not, as well as answers that have been vandalized. But there are Supervisors who are constantly patrolling the site, as well as many knowledgeable contributors who continually add valuable, correct information and remove the incorrect and vandalized answers.

How do I delete the answers I have given on WikiAnswers?

To delete an answer, you go to the question, click edit, remove the answer and click save

How do you complain against supervisors of WikiAnswer?

All complaints should be sent to: WikiAnswers @Answers .com (remove spaces)

What happens if WikiAnswers gives the wrong answers?

Sadly, there is no way of stopping incorrect answers from being added to the site. The only thing we can do is remove them and work on another, correct answer.

Why does WikiAnswers remove signature lines from answers?

WikiAnswers removes signature lines from answers because answers do not belong to one specific person. If you answer a question, odds are it will be edited someday. We all edit answers to update them, add more information, or clean up the format of the answer. If a user puts their username (signature) under their answer, they are claiming the answer. All answers are a community effort.

Who answers these questions and why are you so insulting?

Anyone can answer a question in WikiAnswers (that's why it's a 'wiki'). As for people who post rude or insulting answers, we try to find these and remove them. You can help the supervisors by flagging answers that were obviously written to offend.

How can you remove answers at WikiAnswers?

To remove an answer, you can click on "Improve answer", then delete whatever you do not feel is appropriate to the question asked. If the question is locked, you can ask a Supervisor to remove the answer for you if you still believe that whatever material is contained within it is not appropriate.

How come i am getting 5 out of 8 on my test when i am getting the answers from you?

Cheating doesn't pay. The answers on WikiAnswers website are given by visitors to the site. Some of them give accurate answers, some do not. Supervisors on the site try to remove as many inaccurate answers as we can, but we cannot get to them all. There are thousands of questions and answers on the site.

How long does the WikiAnswers team take the erase useless or incomplete questions on WikiAnswers?

The WikiAnswers team can take an indefinite amount of time to erase useless or incomplete answers. Questions on WikiAnswers are answered by users of the website, not necessarily staff members. If you see a useless answer, remove it or flag it so that other users can see that the answer needs to be improved.

Why does Wikianswers allow jokers to answer serious and or legitimate questions?

Jokers Answering Serious and Legitimate QuestionsI guess that is what you get with free speech and first amendment rights. Think of wikianswers as a little piece of the world, there are nice and not so nice people here. Keep trying and you will mostly find good. In addition, WikiAnswers has over 500 dedicated supervisors who remove answers that do not answer the questions or are not appropriate answers, including those that are joking, rude, or not serious answers. People who give those types of answers are considered vandals and are often blocked from using WikiAnswers.

How do you remove things from WikiAnswers?

you cant

What happens if you merge two answered questions on WikiAnswers?

As a Supervisor, if you merge two answered questions on WikiAnswers, the answers will be placed one below the other on the merged question. Usually a minor edit needs to be done to remove any duplicated information.

Who can you contact if you have any questions on WikiAnswers?

If you have any questions on WikiAnswers, you should contact a supervisor or write to wikianswers @ (remove spaces).

Why do some WikiAnswers emails go in spam and others go in main?

There are various email addresses associated with WikiAnswers, which means some may have been identified as SPAM. To remove these email addresses please contact your email provider.

Are there ever curse words on WikiAnswers?

For a short time, there may be. WikiAnswers absolutely does not allow the use of offensive language anywhere on the site, so please remove the language from answers or report it to a Supervisor. You can also report questions and answers by clicking the red "report abuse" link above the question, on the right-hand side.

How can you remove your email address from WikiAnswers?

You can remove your e-mail address from receiving any communications from WikiAnswers by going to the "My settings" page in the lefthand menu (when logged in) and remove it from the field there.

How do you write the email to WikiAnswers saying you want to be a Supervisor?

E-mail WikiAnswers at WikiAnswers @ (remove the spaces) if you want to become a Supervisor.

Why does WikiAnswers remove questions and answers with curse words or profanity in them?

WikiAnswers is not cruel, however the site does have rules. A big part of those rules is to be non-offensive and tolerant of the mores of others. The least offensive way to enforce this is to not permit profanity on the site. It is not necessary to convey any idea or concept using curse words or offensive language. The intelligent person finds a way around the use of such.

Remove caller tune from No 925?

WikiAnswers cannot do this for you.

Help I can't get my password?

To what? If you mean to WikiAnswers website, you can write for help at WikiAnswers @ (remove all spaces).