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Everything you save on a computer has a file name. The web page you are looking at right now is stored as a file - both on the machine that hosts it, as well as on your machine as a .temp file. If the Word document you are working on wasn't stored as a file with its own file name, you would not be able to retrieve it. If you had a power outage or accidentally turned off your computer, you would lose all of your work.

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Q: Why do Word documents have file names?
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What is default file format for word 2007 documents?

.docx is the default file format for documents from Word 2007 onward.

How many most recently recently opened document file names in its Recent Documents list does word display?


The files created in word are called as?

.doc file or documents file

What type of file is a Microsoft Word document?

Microsoft Word is a word processor and editor. When you save the file of a word document, it becomes a .doc. That is a file name corresponding to documents.

What is the default file format for word 2007 documents?


What file extension is automatically added to documents in word 2007?


What type of file is a word 2010 documents?

that would be .doc I believe

What is the file name extension for Word documents?

The file name for a MS Document can be either: .doc or .docx

How do you write a sentence using the word file?

please file these documents alphabetically. I need to file my toenails so they will stop snagging my socks. double click the file named lolcat.jpg.

What does clicking the pushpin next to each file name on the Recent Documents list do?

Clicking the pushpin nest to file names in Microsoft Office in the recent documents list moves the selected item to the top of the list. This enable easier access to pinned documents, especially if the list is long.

How do you recover a word document if you didn't save it?

Fix corrupted word file you may with the aid of next programming method utility restore word documents starting MS Word 95 file format

How do you insert word documents into email?

On your email screen, press the attach button then browse for your file.

How to open Word documents on a Mac?

Word documents can be opened on a Mac by double clicking on Word's application icon to launch Word. Selecting Open from the File menu and locating the document you wish to open.TextEdit and Pages can also open and save basic Word documents as can the majority of Mac word processors.

Where is file in Microsoft Word 2000?

Look in your Documents file or in the Task Launcher history. If you know the name of the file you can do a search for it, just click on search, then type in the name of the document.

What file names indicates a file created by a word processing program in Office 2007 suite?


How did people used to store documents?

Prior to the advent of scanners, documents were stored in file folders, file cabinets, file centers, and departments.

How do you put word documents in a nook?

It appears you have to save the file in a PDF format, or one of the other supported file types. When you save the file 'as' change the ending from .doc, to one of the supported file types.

What is the default file extension of Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word's file extension for pre-2007 documents is .doc; the current default extension is .docx.

What is the file extension used for Microsoft word documents?

.doc or .docx, depending upon the version you are using.

How can students convert a PDF file into a Microsoft Word Document?

First, download a basic application like PDF to Word, designed to convert a file from PDF to Word. Open the software. It will display the documents that are in PDF and thus available to convert.Then right-click on file, convert to Word.

A document created in Microsoft Word is stored where?

While being edited (before it's intentionally saved) Word documents are stored in the system's random access memory (RAM). Once the file is "saved" (*file, save as*), it is stored in the selected memory device. Saving a file to My Documents, for example, would save to the hard drive, solid state drive, jump drive, etc: the actual hardware where "My Documents" is located.

If you are married by a judge but do not file the documents are you married?

No, the documents have to be filed to be married.

A file which consist of the last three or four characters of a file name indicates which program was used to create the file?

The extension is the last three letters of a file name. For instance, the extensions for Word documents are .doc and docx.

How do you recover a corrupt file on Microsoft Word?

You may recover corrupted word file thanks to programmed way. I should advise to try utility below. Tool repairs word documents of any formats of MS Word, including huge word files.

Why would you select for example a PNG or pdf file format?

A PNG file format would be used to save images. A PDF file format would be used to save documents or word files.