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Why does girls wear too much makeup?

cause there makeup addicts or they just wear it too look beautiful and not ugly

Do teenage girls wear thongs in Brazil?

Most teenage girls wear thongs, no matter if they're Brazilian or not! =D

Can Amish girls wear makeup?

Amish women generally do not wear cosmetics or makeup.

Would justin bieber like girls who wear makeup?

It is said that he doesn't like girls who wear makeup, but when the makeup is a simple one, it is said he is crazy about.

How do greaser girls dress?

They are girls who wear to much eye makeup and curse too much, like Soda's girl, Sandy. They wear dresses in inappropriate lengths.

How did girls wear eye makeup in 1925?

girls did not wear eye make up or makeup period it was considered indecent and whorish

Is it better for a teenage girl to wear a little makeup or no makeup at all?

It is purely your choice but most teen girls wear some makeup. If you wear just a little bit of makeup you should even out your skin and wear mascara (clear is most natural but black of black/brown is good too) and lip balm or chap stick is always good to keep your lips soft.

Do teenage girls wear thongs?


Are the duggar girls allowed to wear makeup?

Yes the duggar girls wear make-up!

What do girl wear so much makeup?

Girls are trying to make themselves look pretty with makeup on there face they feel more confident

What should teenage girls wear with grey ash toms?

Me being one of these teenage girls . You me being one of these teenage girls,you guys should usually wear like similar colors or if your going for something to go out with just wear what goes or what you think goes . Be unique :))

Do you have to wear makeup to be cute to a guy?

no, You don't we girls are beautiful without makeup not matter what.

Did girls in the 50s wear makeup?

In short, yes..

Did 1912 girls wear makeup?

uhhyes, obviously.

What do teenage girls wear?

It depends on the girl and where she lives.

Since it's better to put on less makeup to attract teenage boys is it best to put no makeup on?

No. What turns off teenage boys is when you look like you don't know how to wear makeup. If you have too much makeup on, you wear shades that don't look good on you or you have bad application technique, they don't like that. If you wear attractive makeup, boys like that. And at the other end of the scale, they don't like no makeup at all either. Check it out: If your makeup looks like you won't attract teenage boys. But if it looks like, you'll attract lots of them.

Does Justin Bieber likes girls who wear makeup all the time?

No, he likes BOYS that wear makeup all the time.

What makeup do guys like girls to wear?

It depends on the guy, however most of them don't like when females wear makeup

Do all teenage girls wear thongs?

no they all wear a variety of underwear

Why do girls wear makeup to look more cuter?

it makes them feel better about them selves to wear makeup just comment them on how they look.

Does Justin Bieber like when girls wear makeup?

he likes girls with or without makeup each way is still beautiful say's Justin

At what age do most girls wear makeup?

Most girls wear makeup at around the 13 year mark. Basically when they are in 7th grade. Just because most girls wear makeup at this age does NOT mean they are ready. Personally, I think makeup at that age is ridiculous. I think the age that most girls are ready for makeup is around 15 or when they are entering high school. Most girls lose a little self esteem when enetering high school, because everything is new and they aren't with all of the same people. It's hard. So many girls may where makeup as a confidence booster. So, I think that most girls should wear makeup at the age of late 14 or 15. Hope this helped :)

What do girls wear in idaho or women?

Clothes, shoes, jewelry and makeup, just like girls and women wear in other states.

Why do teenage girls wear diapers?

Sometimes teenage girls have accidents and they cant stop so they put on diapers so they dont have to worry about it anymore.

Why wont parents let there teenage girls wear makeup?

That is because some parents don't want their daughters to start wearing make-up when they're young. It might ruin their skin.