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because the man who was abusive has very low self esteem and needs a woman to confirm his masculinity. They don't want to lose control over you, they need it to feel powerful. They need someone to control.

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Q: Why do abusive men sometimes act as though you matter so little to them and they couldn't care less if you leave but then if you do they try to win you back?
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Does an abusive person treat a new relationship better if the new person does what they say or want?

An abusive person tends to remain abusive unless they make a real effort to change. An abusive person will always be just that and no matter how much their new mate will agree with them they will still remain abusive. Abusive people either come from a family of abuse, something has happened to them in their lives that they are extremely angry at, and there is always a reason for the way they are. Sometimes it just comes down to the point that person is miserable and loves controlling their mate because they cannot control life in general. A relationship is about sharing each others dreams and opinions and the major one is respect. Neither mate should rule over the other, but share as best they can. It's a catch-22. Abusers despise submissive and obsequious people. But they also demand automatic and full compliance with their wishes and instructions.

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