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Q: Why do aligators like marshmallows?
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What are aligators peredators?

aligators eat fish and other things like rabbits things with meat

Why do aligators mate?

beacause there needs to be more aligators

Do dogs like marshmallows?

um.. probably not, and marshmallows are probably not very healthy for dogs

Is marshmallow a common or proper noun?

If I'm correct then marshmallow is a common noun like, I love to eat marshmallows. It would be proper if using the name of marshmallows like, these are Jet Puffe d Marshmallows.

How can you dehydrate marshmallows?

I would like to know what temperature and for how long it takes to dehydrate marshmallows.... I have a dehydrator...

Do llamas like marshmallows?


What animals eat aligators?

Certain types of snakes like pythons and anacondas.

Do you like lollipops and marshmallows?


What did Pizarro look like?


Who ate the marshmallow?

I like marshmallows

How do leprachuans smell?

Like marshmallows

Can lizards climb trees?

Most off them like newts and chamelions, but not crocodiles and aligators.

Are marshmallows made with bones?

Most marshmallows are made with gelatin. Gelatin is made primarily from the bones and hides of animals. Some marshmallows are made with non-animal gelatin substitutes like agar. These are usually called vegetarian marshmallows, but can have a texture that is unappealing to many.

Do rabbits like marshmallows?

Marshmallows are made using egg whites and artificial sugar, which are detrimental towards a rabbit's health.

Does crocs and aligators breed together?

jas there been any cases of crocodiles and aligators breeding

Did Elvis presly like marshmallows?

Not especially.

What is a solid that smells like marshmallows?

a marshmellow.

How do aligators move?

aligators move on there tummies becaus they are riptiles

How many mini marshmallows equals 32 big ones?

Mini marshmallows are not a standard size. Go with what looks like a good approximation depending on the size that you have. Alternatively, try to find out the weight of 32 full size marshmallows, and use the same weight of mini marshmallows.

Do hippos have camo?

Not like a chameleon and others in nature but they submerge themselves like aligators so can be almost completely hidden in water

What kind of food do alligators eat?

other aligators or smaller animals like birds or smaller fish

What does summer taste like?

marshmallows at the bon fire

Do you like marshmallows?

yes i like smarshmellows even though i spelled it wrong

Do aligators really look like log when they are still?

yes, if they are very still, they look almost identical to a log

What does the metaphor the clouds are marshmallow in the sky mean?

The clouds and marshmallows are both soft.